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Ethics Violations Charge Lodged Against Three Holmdel School Board Members

The members received word last week and have retained private attorneys to defend themselves.

Three Holmdel Board of Education members have been accused of violating a code of ethics by another board member or members, the public learned Wednesday night at the school board meeting at Satz School. 

The three board members, Ana Vander Woude, Dennis Pavlik and Phyllis Pascucci, said at Thursday night's meeting that they stand accused after raising a concern on Oct. 27 related to a school district employee's second job.

The concern was discussed in a private session with the the school's central office. But the three board members said they felt "intimidated" and "bullied" by certain board members as a consequence of bringing up the matter. 

They, and other members of the board, have declined to be more specific about the concern citing confidentiality over personnel issues. 

But the personnel matter was investigated, and most members of the board said they were said Board President Barbara Garrity. 

Board attorney Martin Barger explained that the charges will be reviewed by the state Dept. of Education, and if they find it can be litigated, the case moves to the Office of Administrative Law where it will be heard before a judge and made public.

Although the attorney did not specify the name of the person or persons who filed the complaint, Board Member Dennis Pavlik said publicly it was Garrity. She did not confirm or deny it at the meeting last night. 

Antoniette December 22, 2012 at 01:12 AM
Thank you Page I said the same thing before but my comment was deleted for no reason. I don't know why we express our views because majority of comments get deleted. I guess the truth hurts.
Peter G December 22, 2012 at 01:17 AM
Thanks BM for the gracious offer of a free T-Shirt and possible job offer. But, I'll have to decline both. Not enough money in marketing and, since leaving the military, not a T-shirt guy. If you decide to speak at the next Board meeting I would like to thank you, in person, for your very kind offer. Most generous.
Michael Nikolis December 22, 2012 at 03:39 AM
I've never tasted the food served in our schools, but If you ask most students how the food tastes, they usually respond with the Gas Face.. However, I have tasted the food served over at Ranney School in Tinton Falls.. Absolutely amazing.. They are serviced by Compass Food Group.. I say we switch to them, then delicious food would provide an incentive for parents to eat lunch with their kids.. Parents would get more involved in the schools.. The schools would then be safer.. Its a win win!!!
Antoniette December 22, 2012 at 04:03 AM
thank you SAC for this link wow very interesting!!!!!
Maggie December 22, 2012 at 04:47 AM
FYI Having the experience of what bullying can do it went on for Many Years in my town of Toms River due to having cronies. Everyone on the BOE closed both their eyes and ears as to what was going on right under their noses and look where it got our children!!! Our superintendent diverted the attention from himself by building The Ritacco Center back in 2003 and that's not a typo, he named it after himself, Then he decided we needed a sport complex by erecting the John Bennett Indoor sport complex. He took a lot of heat after naming the Ritacco Center he then pulled out the name of an Outstanding Superintendent from precious years and name the complex after John Bennett. Again just to divert the attention from himself, To Smell Like a Rose. I believe someone is trying to Divert attention away from themself at this time by filing those ethic charges against those 3 honest board members. Its all about Control and Power with some people not the concern and well being of our children. Only you know how she behaves behind closed doors, the one that yells the loudest is the one you need to investigate. We have police in our schools for quite some time now, which I believe was due to illegal drugs which had been there since my daughter was in intermediate school and she is now 37, If there is a $$$ issue maybe retired police officers would be the answer. I hope this enlightens anyone with concerns about your district, Ritacco is now serving time behind bars!!!


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