What's Happening In Hazlet Schools, Through December

By Leann Coppola, a senior at Raritan High School.

Raritan High School senior Leann Coppola is a student representative to the Board of Education. She gave this schools roundup report at Lillian Drive School on Monday, Dec. 17.  The bolded words refer to the names of the district's schools. 

I hope you are all prepared for the holidays because there is only one more week of school till winter break! 

Sycamore Drive Early Childhood Learning Center would like to remind everyone that there will be a PTO Meeting the day we get back to school on Wednesday, January 3rd at 7:30 p.m. 

Raritan Valley would like to thank all who attended their Santa Movie Night last Thursday, the event really brought out the Holiday Spirit in everyone. Raritan Valley's spectacular Winter Concert will take place tomorrow at RHS beginning at 7 p.m. 

Middle Road's fun filled Holiday Sing Along will be this Friday, December 21st. Also on the 21st, the classes at Middle Road Elementary School will be holding their class parties as well as receiving their progress reports. 

Lillian Drive seems to have a busy week bringing them right up to winter break. On December 18th and 19th, the Holiday Shoppe will be held for the students at Lillian Drive. On December 20th, Lillian Drive will be holding a TGI-Fridays Fundraiser. Lastly, Lillian Drive was able to get a hold of Santa during this busy season and he will be visiting the classes on Friday, December 21st. 

Congratulations to Emily Zembriciki for winning the Cove Road Scripps Spelling Bee. The Cove PTO will be holding a meeting tomorrow at 7pm. This Thursday, December 20th, Cove Road Elementary School's students will be attending their Choral Assembly. Also on the 20th, Cove Road's Holiday Dance will commence at 2:50p.m. until 5p.m. To end off the week, Cove Road's most talented will be performing in their Band Concert this Friday, December 21st. 

Beers Street's magnificent Holiday Concert will be performed at RHS on Wednesday, December 19th at 7p.m. Beers Street has a very eventful Friday, beginning with Pajama Day in school. Then, The National Geographic Bee will take place at 8:30a.m. The PTO Holiday Dance for Beers Street will be on Friday as well beginning at 6p.m. 

The Hazlet Middle School would like to remind parents that Progress Reports will be sent out this Friday, December 21st. The Hazlet Middle School is gearing up for this Friday's Pep Rally which will feature the Academic Student of the Marking Period in each subject, as well as the Winter Sports Teams. In addition, congratulations to Mrs. Terbecki's homeroom for winning the toy drive contest at HMS. 

Raritan High School is proud to recognize all students and staff that volunteered their time over the past week to the R.A.I.N.E. gift wrapping. Raritan High School will have a Rocket Launcher Meeting this Wednesday, at 7 p.m. Progress Reports for Raritan Students will also be sent out on the 21st of December. 

In conclusion, our district's Winter Break will be from Monday, December 24th through Tuesday, January 1st. I wish everyone a Safe and Happy Holidays and I look forward to seeing you all in 2013. 


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