A Taxpayer's Guide to the Hazlet Public Schools Budget

Administrative costs totaled $1,585 per student, and legal services totaled $19 per student. Supplies and classroom textbooks totaled $426 per student.

The Hazlet Board of Education budgeted $13,588 per student for the current school year, according to the NJ Department of Education.

The guide breaks down the amount by category, including classroom instruction, supplies, benefits and salaries.

The Hazlet district budgeted $8,181 per student for classroom instruction, and $1,662 per student for support services.

Support services includes areas which supplement daily classroom instruction, including "attendance, social work, health and guidance services, educational media/school library services and the child study team," according to the NJ Department of Education.

The district budgeted $1,470 per student on salaries and benefits for teachers, a $144 increase from the previous budget.

Administrative costs totaled $1,585 per student, and legal services totaled $19 per student. Supplies and classroom textbooks totaled $426 per student.

To view more of the detailed spending report, and how it compares to previous budgets, visit the Taxpayers Guide on the NJDOE website.

The $49,980,443 total general budget approved for the 2013-14 academic year in Hazlet is about a $1.6 million increase from the 2012-13 total general budget of $48,324,762. 

The increase in the budget resulted in a $668,419 increase in the tax levy, bringing it to $34,108,882. Even so, the increase to the tax levy was $1,345,419 under the permitted two percent cap. School taxes have not been raised since the 2010-11 academic year.

Patch will continue to publish school report card data for Hazlet schools over the coming weeks.

gidget66 April 25, 2013 at 06:35 PM
Sending a child to a Parochial school cost MUCH less and one can get a much better education. More children from Parochial schools go on to college than the public school system. The Parochial school has a 98% rate of students going on to higher education. The reason public schools cost so much per student is the salaries we have to pay teachers and administrators. One should be able to get a voucher like lots of other states and be able to move their taxes along with their child to the school system of their choice. I know a lot of teachers in the Hazlet school system who have children of school age and send their children to Parochial schools, not entirely because of religious reasons either. One teacher told me she would do anything to keep her kids out of the public schools and in the Parochial system here in Hazlet. My children are out of the school system and I still have to pay school taxes, it is like" taxation without representation". I have none in the system so why do I have to support it???


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