Hazlet Among Safest New Jersey Towns to Live In

Safewise, a home security website, recently named Hazlet among the 50 safest communities in New Jersey.

There are lots of words used to describe Hazlet, and now residents can add another: safe.

That's the determination of Safewise, a home security website that recently compiled a list of New Jersey's 50 safest communities— including no. 50, Hazlet.

“Hazlet might be a small community, but its healthy programming makes a big impression. Yoga, T’ai Chi Chih, kickboxing, and Zumba are just a few of the classes Hazlet’s Recreation Department offers,” the article read.

Mayor James Dinardo said Hazlet has always been known for the activities it offers, and the sense of community its residents have. He said comes as a result of a town filled with people that care and look out for each other.

He commended the Hazlet Police Department as guided by the steady hand of Chief James Broderick and said the police force and its sense of community is part of what makes Hazlet a safe place to live.

“That’s a big factor for me. Jimmy is a long-time resident of Hazlet and I commend the police force, because this is a reflection of them, and the neighborhood we have, and how our neighbors look out for each other,” Mayor Dinardo said about the report.

SafeWise came up with this list after pairing data from the FBI’s 2011 Crime in the U.S. Report with it’s own research. The result is a list of the top 50 safest communities in New Jersey, with 15,000 residents or more as of 2011.

The report also noted the township’s proximity to a variety of fun, family oriented activities.

“Need more family outings? Jump on the Garden State Parkway and held to New York City for a weekend adventure, or tickle your toes in the sand at one of New Jersey’s famous beaches. When you get a Hazlet address, you’ll be surrounded by a safe community, welcoming folks and endless recreation,” said the report.

Tell us in the comments what you think of the report.

Mary Lou Haber January 23, 2014 at 08:50 PM
What do I think about this article? OK, here is what I think. I think Jim DiNardo is full of s#it, as usual. How dare he say nice things about Chief Broderick when we bad mouths him in private every chance he gets. How dare he say nice things about the cops when he is getting his name in the paper but calls them lazy SOBs in private. I think he hired his own son to a full time unionized civil service job in the DPW over dozens of other applicants. . . without an interview. . . without a test. . . without merit--and at a secret emergency meeting of the township committee for which the minutes have never been published by the Township Clerk at Mayor DiNardo's orders. So, in short, while I am happy our town is safe, Jimmy DiNardo taking bows for it is just insulting to my intelligence. And THAT is what I think of this article.
elcid1986 January 24, 2014 at 07:27 AM
I know that he has a son working at the Bayshore Sewerage authority and I KNOW after talking to 2 friends there that this was a set up the whole way. DiNardos son was hired within the last couple of years Now the Mayor who claims that his main objective is transparancy, how funny is that, has never announced that his son was hired by an organization run thru politics of which he has connections. I dont really care but it does annoy me that he has this holier than thou persona while he gets his kids onto the public teet.
Jim January 25, 2014 at 05:03 PM
Number 50 out of how many communities? One more and would never make the list! Would that be printed?


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