Man's iPad Stolen From His Shopping Cart at Lowe's

Security video captures another man stealing it away.

While shopping at Lowe's in Holmdel on Tuesday morning, a man parked his shopping cart a few feet away from the customer service desk while he waited to speak with an employee.

During that time, a heavyset white man came along and took his cart -- with the victim's iPad 2 in it. Security cameras captured the whole event, including the part where the man stared at the iPad before wheeling it away.

Holmdel Police have scanned videotape of the parking lot and say they have a suspect in the case. An arrest has not yet been made. The iPad is valued at $400.

At the time the report was taken, the victim could not supply Holmdel Police with the device's serial number. Lt. Michael Smith said that when crime victims are able to give the serial number of stolen merchandise, found on the device or its box, the number can be logged into the National Crime Information Center database. If the stolen merchandise ever surfaces, it can be returned to its owner.

debra May 16, 2012 at 12:37 PM
why do you have to bring your ipad to the store? I cant stand that when i see people walking around a store with an ipad its like look at me im cool i have an ipad..who cares!!! of course its going to get stolen leaving it like that.


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