Alcatel-Lucent Redevelopment Plan Highlights

Read the township's completed plan, attached to this article in PDF format. It was posted on the Holmdel Township website today, Dec. 2.

The Township Committee introduced an ordinance adopting a redevelopment plan for the 473-acre privately-held Alcatel-Lucent property on Crawfords Corner Road at its meeting Thursday. Taking note of the public's interest, township officials posted the entire plan on the Holmdel Township website on Friday. It is also attached to this article.

The plan will be reviewed by the Planning Board on Dec. 6, for compliance with the Town's Master Plan.

The Township Committee will then hold a public hearing on December 20. The elected officials are scheduled to take a final vote to approve the Plan on that date, but may also decide to table it and reconsider it in 2012 if they choose to make changes. 

Here are some highlights of the plan, frome the Plan Summary:

Plan Overview

The Plan requires adaptive reuse of the existing main building, as well as new buildings and structures which will provide additional revenue to foster the rehabilitation of the main building and infrastructure on the site. The location of the proposed uses outside the main building can be found in the Plan entitled "Areas of Proposed Land Uses Outside the Building," prepared by CME Associates, dated Nov. 28, 2011. In addition to the above, the Plan proposes an extensive network of active or passive open space which can be deed restricted against future residential or commercial development.

The Redevelopment Plan sets forth standards and guidelines for land use, circulation, open space, parking and utility design. Theses guidelines are set forth as an effort to create development proposals that meet the Plan's goals and objectives.


Overall Plan

The Redvelopment Plan proposes adaptive reuse of the existing main building in the Plan area to include: business, professional and medical offices, health care and wellness/fitness uses including ambulatory surgical suites and other medical and health care uses (excluding a hospital); hotel/conference use; retail; restaurant and personal service uses; residential uses; recreational; and educational and teaching facilities.

The Redevelopment Plan also proposes new buildings which will provide additional revenues to foster the rehabilitation of the main building and infrastructure on the site.

The uses allowed outside the existing main building include: limited single family detached housing; an indoor field house accomodating indoor athletic facilities; outdoor recreational facilities; including an 18-hole golf course, tennis courts, soccer, football, baseball, softball, multipurpose fields, and an amphitheater, a data center or fitness center.

The Plan also proposes an extensive network of active or passive open space that will be deed restricted against future residential or commercial development.

The Rehabilitation Area shall be redeveloped in accordance with the standards detailed in the Redevelopment Plan. The Plan will supersede the use and bulk provisions of the Township Development Regulations (Chapter 30) for the Rehabilitation Area which is currently in the Office Laboratory (OL-1) Zoning District.

The Plan provides for certain types of deviations from the Plan, as well as waivers and exceptions to be granted by the Planning Board in appropriate circumstances.

Reuse of the Existing Building

The existing building is approximately 2 million square feet in size, and contains (six) floors. The Redevelopment Plan proposes reuse of the building to transform the vacant and underutilized building into economically and socially productive uses which will contribute to the general welfar of the Township of Holmdel.

Permitted Uses:

The following uses shall be permitted within the existing main building.

-- Retail, restaurant, and personal service estabishments, banks and fiduciary institutions limited to the second floor of the building.

-- Public and quasi public facilities

-- General, business, and professional offices;

-- Medical offices;

-- Surgery Centers;

-- Health care services or ambulatory surgery centers limited to eight beds, excluding hospitals. Ambulatory surgery centers shall be defined as facilities with operating rooms, but are not hospitals and perform procedures that in most circumstances allow the patient to recover at home. Ambulatory surgery centers are licensed by the State of New Jersey pursuant to the applicable rules and regulations under the authority of the State Dept. of Health. Hospitals are specifically prohibited and are licensed by the State of New Jersey pursuant to applicable rules and regulations under the authority of the State Department of Health;

-- Hotel and conference facilities

-- Gyms, health and fitness centers or other recreational facilities;

-- Health and fitness facilities including spas;

-- Child care centers

-- Facilities for education and training including schools, colleges, universities, facilities for vocational and professional education and training;

-- Assisted living facilities, with rooms/beds which can accommodate age-restricted affordable housing;

-- Market-rate Multi-family dwelling units

-- Research and development laboratories and offices.


Accessory Uses

The following accessory uses shall be permitted.

-- Roof top mounted structures for heating, cooling, ventilation, hot water or generation of electricity through renewable energy resources;

-- Dining facilities associated with the hotel and conference facilities;

-- Retail uses associated with the hotel and conference facilities;

-- Parking areas

-- Detention basins, infiltration basins, swales, wet ponds, and constructed stormwater wetlands that handle stormwater management.

Allowable Floor Area and Yield by Use

The maximum area devoted to retail, restaurant, and personal service establishment uses shall be 50,000 square feet.

Two-story retail uses are permitted, however may only be accessed from the second floor of the building;

There shall be no more than eight suites dedicated to the surgery center.

The maximum number rooms with the hotel shall be 250

Retail uses within the hotel are permitted, however, may not exceed 5,000 sf in size;

The existing building footprint shall be maintained. No expansions are permitted to the existing building.

The maximum number of multi-family dwelling units shall be 100. In addition, the market rate multi-family units shall only be located on the top floor of the main building.

Preservation of the Building Facade and Interior Features

The existing building facade will be maintained to the greatest extent possible. No additions/expansions to the existing building footprint are permitted. The interior features including the five-story atrium will be maintained, and only modified to accommodate the proposed tenants.

New Indoor and Outdoor Athletic Facilities

The Redevelopment Plan permits new buildings and recreation areas southwest of the existing building. These new building and recreation areas shall help foster the rehabilitation of the existing building. The proposal includes the following:

Indoor athletic field house, consisting of indoor sports and recreational facilities with a building footprint not to exceed 350,000 square feet. Public sanitary sewer service may be extended to the field house.

An 18-hole golf course, including a driving range.

A tennis academy, including 18 tennis courts.

Outdoor sports fields, including outdoor lighting equipment.

An amphitheater for academy and community events.

Active or passive open space including accessory uses for open spaces, such as trails, parking areas, lighting, bathroom facilities, etc.

New Data Center and/or Health Club Facility

A data center and/or a health club facility is proposed within the area of the general footprint of the existing maintenance building. Said data center and/or health club facility shall be a maximum of 75,000 square feet in size and no greater than four stories or 45 feet in length. Public sanitary sewer service may be extended to the data center/health club facility.

New Single Home Residences

Single Family detached dwellings are permitted in the area adjacent to the intersection of Roberts Road and Crawfords Corner Road. The development shall consist of single family detached dwellings provided that the number of such dwellings is limited to no more than 30 dwellings. Access to the homes from Crawfords Corner Road shall be prohibited. Sewer service to the homes will abide by the results of a potential challenge by the Township to the Preliminary NJDEP Sewer Service Area Determination.


Amendment to Zoning Map and Development Regulations

The Zoning Map referenced in Chapter 30-122 of the Development Regulations of the Township of Holmdel is amended to reference the Redevelopment Plan. Additionally, the listing of zoning districts in Chapter 30-121 of the Development Regulations is amended to include a reference to the Redevelopment Plan and Plan Area.

Where specifically provided for in the Plan, the development standards set forth in the Redevelopment Plan shall supersede the Development Regulations of the Township of Holmdel. In all other instances, the Development Regulations of the Township of Holmdel shall remain in full force and effect.

Rosa Hearne December 02, 2011 at 04:48 AM
Oops no mention of plans for a library - wasn't there hopes that the redevelopment would fix the flaw in our otherwise robust community? Holmdel has no library, but we are planning for a golf course?
Anthony Cooper December 02, 2011 at 01:33 PM
Holmdel Patch does a terrific job of providing fast, detailed and accurate information on important topics that's available nowhere else. While full information on the Alcatel-Lucent Redevelopment Plan is still not available, it is great that Holmdel Patch was able to extract these highlights. Anthony Cooper
Jon Boody December 02, 2011 at 03:06 PM
Overall, this plan sounds better than the one offered by Somerset Development. The only drawback is that it still includes up to 30 new houses in a town with numerous empty new houses still on the market, and a housing market that is still in the process of recovery. Are there any other ways to make this plan financially sound without adding more housing?
bud December 02, 2011 at 05:56 PM
On the surface, this does not sound economically viable in today's world. The residential real estate market continues to implode, golf courses are dropping like flies across the entire USA, with 4 hospitals within a 15 minute ride, Surgical Centers are a dime-a-dozen fantasy for groups of doctors looking to cash in on Medicare,etc., so until more defined plans are available, I must conclude this concept to be D.O.A. The only people making out financially so far are municipal lawyers and engineers!!!!
Jennifer December 02, 2011 at 06:15 PM
Maybe that could fall under "public and quasi-public facilities"
Jennifer December 02, 2011 at 06:29 PM
The real problem is the main building. It has serious indoor air quality issues, mold, asbestos, the mechanicals are all outdated...it is incredibly energy- inefficient.....that any developer would have to pay for the property, pay to make it habitable, then try to retro-fit it and finally rent out all that space before they see a dime.....I just dont see how anyone could make money on that. The 30 houses, well, someone could hold onto that piece of development until the market recovers, or build something we don't have a lot of - new construction under 4000 SF. Tennis academy? I guess. Golf course? Agee with Bud, no one is making money on golf these days. I do see a home-grown market for an aquatic center and hockey rink. Indoor baseball facility w/ batting cages, rock climbing gym, this is a very sporty town and lots of people spend lots of money in other towns at so-so facilities. I am still wary of the college/university/training school idea, because I want to know if they would be tax exempt.
Jeff Rossi December 03, 2011 at 03:20 AM
I'm ok with the uses except for the 100 low income multi family units in the main building. Unless it's changed to only allow a senior rehab type center (like down in SeaBrook Village in Tinton Falls), it's going to cause many children to enter our schools and we're at capacity now. An improved ratable defeats the purpose if you need to turn around and build more school capacity, and likely require a tax increase to get it done. Everything I'm fine with if the developer thinks he/she can make it work.
James McEowen December 03, 2011 at 03:31 AM
A library on the Alcatel-Lucent property WOULD be a very IMPORTANT explicit addition to the plan. Holmdel needs a decent library similar to the ones in Middletown and Colts Neck, but keeping it as part of the Monmouth County library system.
Jennifer December 03, 2011 at 02:05 PM
Agree with Jeff on that point...
bud December 06, 2011 at 05:57 PM
ALU stock price today = $1.58. The Frogs are VERY nervous! In case you have been on another planet lately, Europe is in bad financial shape, with the French govt. about to experience a DOUBLE Standard and Poor's downgrade, per CNBC. This situation needs to be monitored closely, since ALU cannot expect any help from THEIR govt. ALU may be forced to liquidate assets if the heat gets turned up!
Jennifer December 06, 2011 at 08:12 PM
Unless they find a buyer who will take it with the current zoning, there is not much they can do about it. We don't HAVE to give them a zoning change unless it benefits the town.
Shazam! December 06, 2011 at 09:16 PM
What does "Market Rate Multifamily" mean in today's market? Follow this link to find out more: http://www.architectmagazine.com/multifamily/market-rate-multifamily.aspx. Google "hotel" and surprise yourself. The devil is in the details, of which this redevelopment plan is incredibly shy. Is preserving the building worth 100 apartments and potentially hundreds of live-in hotel rooms within walking distance of our middle and high schools? Think "Drug Free School Zone." Is it worth a library? Sports complex? Or worth the precedent it is setting for high density housing in Holmdel's remaining open spaces? A 3,000 sq ft unit can easily hold 5 bedrooms, 3 1/2 baths, full living, family and dining rooms, kitchen, and laundry room. What family, unable to buy in today's market, would not jump at the chance to send their children to our schools, even at a cost greater than $3K per month. Young parents and new residents planning on growing a family should be concerned that by the time their children reach middle and high school age, Holmdel may not be what they signed up for when buying their homes. Why is our township jumping ahead with this vague, risky plan without a formal proposal from a developer that it previously promised would be openly shared with its taxpayers? Why is it moving forward when Alcatel keeps holding back? The devil is in the details, none of which have been forthcoming from either Alcatel, the NEW contract purchaser, or apparently our own township committee.
Jennifer December 07, 2011 at 02:55 AM
Well, I read your link, and thanks for that. Nice to see someone doing research. Now, in the city, or close enough in to party downtown and still make it home, and back to work the next day, well then I could see a building like that making sense. But you are right - people don't move here because they can't afford the rent in Manhattan. They move here for the schools. It is unlikely that normal market- rate rentals would NOT attract families with children. Which should be ok, but it is not. Our schools really are about as big as they should get. As for the drugs, well, that entirely depends on what type of people move in. There are lots of units in Holmdel being rented by homeowners who have decided not to sell right now, and I doubt if you could guess who is a renter and who is an owner. But in a vacuum, like a brand new building, it would work a little differently. I guess it could go either way.
Jennifer December 07, 2011 at 03:10 PM
Oh, I see in a related article that the DEP is kind of forcing Holmdel to change the zoning as part of agreeing to limit sewering of the property. I am really trying to understand who is forcing the issue and why. I mean, politically, there has to be someone telling the DEP to take this position.


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