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A Warm Welcome For New Hazlet Library Manager

New Hazlet Public Library Branch Manager Diana Zambrano wants patrons to know about all the hidden treasures to be found at the library.

New Hazlet Public Library Branch Manager Diana Zambrano wants her patrons to feel as warm and welcome as they’ve made her feel.

“The staff and patrons were so welcoming to me,” said Zambrano. “Beth (Henderson) had been here for 11 years so they got used to her, and it was wonderful how people were so very welcoming. Patrons are just so appreciative. You help them find a book and it’s like they hit the lottery. They’re wonderful.

Zambrano has been in the Monmouth County Library System for two years. But before that she was a teacher, then a business administrator, and then, after retuning to school to get her Master’s of Library Science degree, she became a librarian and was  assigned to the Ocean Township branch. In October, she got the call and became branch manager in Hazlet.

Among her first orders of business will be to make sure those same patrons who have made her so welcome know about and make full use of all the library’s resources, many of which patrons may not be entirely familiar. Services such as free Wi-Fi, computers, and internet Databases for use by students, adults and professionals are a few useful tools that at first glance many many don't know about.

“I think the main thing is trying to build awareness in the community of what the library has to offer,” said Zambrano. “People don’t realize everything is free—services, the internet, computers, Wi-Fi the programs, everything is free. There ‘s just so much here that I would like people to know, that we offer so much. “

Among the most useful services could be the Interne  Databases, which allows students access to a variety of databases for free.

“High school students come in all the time looking for books for papers. Everyone seems shocked that we have it,” said Zambrano.

In addition to promoting library services, Zambrano has big plans for programming, and intends to offer a variety of health related programing in the coming months.

“I’m working on programs for April with the Bayshore Hospital, a health screening day,” she said. “Another Night in April we’re having an allergist come in to talk about asthma. We’re also doing some family programs, like a family movie night, and a family treasure hunt in March.

"We’re just trying to see what works and what doesn’t work, and what the people would like to see.”

Zambrano says she and the library staff are open to suggestions on programming and other services. If you have an idea, you can ask her in person, email her at DZambrano@monmouthcountylib.org, or call her at 732-264-7164


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