Birth moms- We would LOVE TO ADOPT!

Loving,stable,professional couple,seeking to open their hearts and home to a baby. We have one truly beautiful and wonderful 17yr old child off into his first year of college, both of us so proud of the great young man he has beome and looking so forward to him entering college and giving him the chance to succeed beyond his wildest dreams . we would feel blessed to give this opportunity to another child and to support and guide them into becomig anything they choose in life.We feel that the honor would be ours and we would love to help someone with the difficult choice of adoption by putting their hearts and mind at ease knowing that the child would be adored and blessed and given every possible opportunity we could give them ..and of couse most importantly unconditional love and support.We are already fully certified , homestudy and all, plus have countless people who can tell you what kind of parents we are. George works full time and also is a business owner and Kelly can't wait to be a stay at home mom! Please feel free to reach out to us at any time. You can learn more about us at ...............kellyandgeorge4adoption.com God Bless! Kelly, George and our son Zack..................................We would also like to add that we would entertain the option of surrogacy; It has never been our first option quite honestly as we feel there are many babies out there who would benefit greatly from having a loving stable home such as ours. We also believe it takes quite a special person to even think about doing something like this for another family and we would want someone to do it for the right reasons. The few people that have approached us with this in the past quite simply seem to be thinking about the financial benefit for themselves and not the truly blessed and sacred gift they would be giving us . If it does work out where we find someone who has the genuine motivation behind this action that there should be then it is most definately an option we would consider. Thank you and again God Bless

OR 516-643-5813


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