Stop the violence, a few suggestions

Common sense

How about limiting ammunition clips to three rounds on all weapons in the state. We might also tax ammunition like cigarettes - $10.00 - $20.00 per round.Ban reloading equipment. We could also install traffic cameras on road construction sites and relocate the police assets that monitor the work site while sitting in their vehicle, to protect and patrol our schools.

We need to re-examine the Second Amendment- it states that we have the right to bear arms...  we are permitted to have an Armory to store weapons if they are needed (to ward off Indian attacks, the British or other threats)then returned to the depot. It does not state that we can possess multiple weapons, AK47's or an Uzi for personal use.

I'm a licensed hunter and if you can't hit your target without a fifteen round clip perhaps you should fish. Armor piercing rounds are designed to penetrate vests, not take down deer.

It's ironic that Neo-Conservative anti-abortion zealots are so pro gun. Approximately 32,000 homicides and suicides occur in the US every year utilizing guns, yet they perceive "life" as sacred.

Not so long ago, our police wore blue uniforms, shiny buttons and dress shoes. Gang wars were rampant during the time of Eliot Ness, the bullets flew, yet our cops (constable on patrol ) weren't decked out in Swat attire. No wonder why the police are feared instead of being admired.

Lastly, the media needs to tone down the rhetoric. Apocolypse this, end of all we know scenarios and sensationalism do not properly report everyday news. It's no wonder our kids act out....

My wife suggests that we have a "Million women March" for gun abolition in each state capital. In African nations, the women protest violence by refusing to have sex on a nation wide scale.

Vote, draw up petitions and pressure your representatives

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