New Martial Arts Classes Starting in April, Through Holmdel Recreation

Instructor McLendon Bowden tells us about it.

Holmdel Patch was curious about the evening Martial Arts classes at the Senior/Community Center. We asked the instructor to tell us about himself and his class.

My name is McLendon Bowden. My martial arts title is Shihan (master). I first started studying martial arts at the age of 13 under instructors Soke S. Papasan Canty, Soke Haisan Kaleak and Soke Lusayne S. Alston, in Brooklyn, NY in 1972.

Since moving to Hazlet in 1996, I have been teaching an introductory martial arts course at the Matawan School Enrichment Program (MSEP) under Program Director Leonard Brokaw, showing parents and students the basic fundamentals of martial arts.

Some time later, I introduced martial arts aerobics, or Kick Boxing, to the program for those adults and teens who wanted a martial art style of workout without the contact that is involved in actual martial arts.

Students from the MSEP martial arts aerobic class (Lily Vargas, Lori Saizan, Lisa Copeman, Lorna Hopkinson, Leslie Nowicki, Joan Vawter), connected me to Holmdel Receation. In 2009, I held my first Kick Boxing class at the Senior/Community Center.

Emphasis on proper punches, kicks, as well as swinging of bokken (wooden sword) and use of bo (staff) are applied.

Later, in 2010, a full scale martial arts course (Karate) was introduced (Buso Heiwa Dojo).

What is taught at the Senior Recreation Center in Holmdel is Kuroshi-Do, a system founded in 1974 by Soke S. Papasan Canty, Soke Haisan Kaleak and Soke Lusayne S. Alston. These gentlemen combined what they felt were the most workable techniques of Shotokan, Moo Duk Kwan, Kyokushinkai, Judo and Aiki Jiu-jitsu to form the basis for their martial arts system.

To complete the system, weapons were included. Although an emphasis is placed on learning the martial arts, it is only the vehicle used to get to the road to higher education.

Many of our students have attended and graduated from some of America's most prestigious institutions.

During the past decade, the founders and instructors of Kuroshi-Do have turned their sights on teaching martial arts to children with ADHD. In Kuroshi-Do, we attempt to work with the parents as well as the other family members to help the child in need to focus and to channel his or her energy in a positive direction.

Class schedules for Karate are on Wednesday and Friday: 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm.
Class schedules for Kick Boxing are on Thursday (7:15 pm - 8:15 pm.) and Saturday (11:30 am - 12:30 pm).

New semesters begin in April. Those interested are advised to sign up early. A second Karate class (for new beginners) maybe possible depending on size of enrollment.For more info contact:

  • Deborah  M. Dow
  • Office of Parks and Recreation of Holmdel
  • 4 Crawfords Corner Road 
  • Holmdel NJ 07733 
  • 732-946-2820 ext 1224
  • 732-946-7234 Fax


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Alan W. February 25, 2012 at 04:00 PM
My sixth grader has been studying under Shihan Bowden for over a year. I am grateful for the invaluable self-defense skills he has taught him, and for the discipline, self-confidence, physical fitness and moral code that goes with it.


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