TV & Film Society Students Speak Out for a Favorite Teacher

David Kaiserman's students ask the Holmdel Board of Education to retain their broadcast instructor, amid word he did not win tenure and may have to leave the district.

More than two dozen people, most of them Holmdel High School students, came to Wednesday's Board of Education meeting at the Satz School to endorse instructor David Kaiserman for tenure.

Word had gotten around that the TV instructor had not been recommended by the administration for tenure, and would not be reappointed to his position. Anyone who is not to be renewed for employment is placed on notice by April 30.

On May 16, the nine-member board is scheduled to vote upon the superintendent's recommendation of several categories of non-tenured staff for reappointment (including, but not limited to non-tenured teachers and special education monitors).

The students hoped their heartfelt pleas could sway the board members before the board meeting vote.

President of the Holmdel TV & Film Society, Jennifer Pomarico, delivered a petition she said was signed by more than 300 students stating they would like Kaiserman to keep his position.

Television and Film Society Vice-President Georgia Muchen, a junior, said, "If I was going to talk about all the things Mr. Kaiserman has taught me I'd be here for four days."

Mary Marchese's son Nick wants to pursue broadcasting in college, thanks to Kaiserman. She asked the board to reconsider the administration's recommendation when they prepare to vote. "I've never seen my son so thrilled to go to school each day," she said. She asked the board members to listen to the kids and  "feel it in your heart."

Several students spoke about the television production team's success when it won the bronze Telly Award for a news segment and first place in the Brain Injury Alliance of New Jersey’s “U Got Brains” public service announcement contest last year.

Board President Barbara Garrity thanked the students for their comments.

Partyoffive April 26, 2012 at 01:19 PM
Shame on the Holmdel Board of Education in not recommending tenure for Mr Kaiserman! I understand the nuances of the tenure program and that Mr. Kaiserman is not necessarily "out of a job" - but how would a person be expected to interpret these actions by the School Board? This is the same School Board that was very quick to jump on his band wagon of success when the Film Society, that Mr. Kaiserman advises, won the Telly award for the "Hornet Weekly Report" and 2011 NJM BIANJ Award for its public service announcement, "Don't Press Send Until Your Ride Ends". At the end of the school year 2011 the accomplishments of the Mr. Kaiserman and the Film Society filled the school web-site and local papers. Fast forward one year - Mr. Kaiserman is not recommended for tenure. Please, someone correct me of I am wrong,but I believe the Board has made an egregious error. Again, I say, shame on the Board of Education!
Michael April 26, 2012 at 08:52 PM
Now this is a cause worth fighting for! I was starting to think the rebellion of the sixties had faded away. What is particularly refreshing to read is that the students didn't act like neanderthals chanting and screaming but signed petitions and gave heartfelt speeches. Why exactly wasn't Mr. Kaiserman recommended by the administration for tenure??? Can the Patch go into further detail on this story?
Kelly M April 27, 2012 at 02:52 AM
As one of Mr. Kaiserman's students all I can say is that Kaiserman is an amazing, talented, and caring teacher. For anyone who is reading this and wishes to support us, please come to the next board of education meeting wednesday May 16 at 8 PM in the Satz Jr. High Library. Mr. Kaiserman does not deserve this treatment and even though I am a senior, the TV Studio is my home and the Society is my family. Mr. Kaiserman has taught us all to be both great artists and better people. My life has been completely changed by Kaiserman and my experiences as a member/ officer of the society. For any students who are reading this, if you would like to help please stop by the TV Studio and sign our petition, every signature helps!! Thank you!
Holmdel res May 01, 2012 at 12:29 PM
This is in support for retaining talent. Mr. Kaiserman has infused his classes with enthusiasm and creativity. In three short years, the program has expanded and has won many prestigious awards for Holmdel's students. It's fantastic to see students excited about their classes and concerned about their future. Anyone who knows Mr. Kaiserman knows he is extrenekt dedicated to his profession and wholeheartedly cares about his students. He promotes hands-on, student directed activities and professionalism. Students of all levels feel proud of their creativity and achievements. You don't have to be an aspiring film maker to appreciate that Mr. Kaiserman is a gem! He's a great teacher.
Cynthia Bajorek May 01, 2012 at 06:07 PM
My family profited so much by being involved with Mr. Kaiserman. My daughter learned skills in Public Speaking, how to lead & motivate a group, how to network in the community to get things done efficiently & professionally, scheduling & logisitics, how to compete, diplomatic skills. These are major life lessons. She and her classmates tasted great victory.(the NJ Manufacturers $20,000 Driving Simulator they won & brought back to our high school, the Telly Award, etc)..These victories were celebrated in our families and our newspapers. This success is what nourishes our children to go forth and be motivated adults.. Mr. Kaiserman"s generous gift of his time and efforts made this possible for all of us.He has a young family; often his own parents were watching his own child as Mr. Kaiserman was teaching ours, after school. Jan. 2012 he was nominated as "Educator of the Year." Five months later, he's being denied tenure? How can this be?!
Holmdel res May 17, 2012 at 02:03 AM
Mr. Kaiserman teaches 8% of the student body. Student body is 1000 students and over 500 students support him! He's an outstanding teacher.
carol May 29, 2012 at 01:27 PM
Seems a bit bizarre that a teacher who is nominated as "teacher of the year" by his peers, isn't granted tenure! Sounds a bit political to me!
Holmdel Taxpayer May 29, 2012 at 02:24 PM
Mr. Kaiserman is a caring, multi-talented, and enthusiastic teacher


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