Toms River North Hosts Third Annual "Hirtes Hike"

Toms River North and the North Lacrosse team host the third annual event, raising money to help local families in need.

The third annual "Hirtes Hike," a charity event to raise money for Toms River families in need, was held on May 12 at . The hike included a 5k to help raise money for the charity, as well as vendors, games, blow up carnival rides, a dunk tank and a huge 200+ person zumba session. 

The event was created in 2010, after Maureen Hirtes lost her battle with cancer,  to help the Hirtes family, including Maureen's husband Mike, as well as their 11 children. Toms River North coach Brett Smith, along with his wife Kelli Smith, and coaching staff Lawrence Cuneo, David Bianchini, Rob Heisler and Mike Alfieri helped to come up with the idea. 

All three high schools had students in attendence; also making appearances were Toms River North's Mariner, South's Indian and East's Raider. The mascots were in good spirits, despite spending the day with their rivals. They were there to show camaraderie among the schools.

"The outpouring of support [for the hike] is great. Everyone in Toms River should be proud of what we have accomplished," said Gino Sciorilli, who helped plan and run the hike with his wife Lindi Sciorilli.

Also in attendance was Toms River Mayor Thomas Kelaher, joined by councilmen Brian Kubiel and George Wittman.

“Whenever I get the chance, I brag about the great spirit of volunteerism we have here in this township. Coach is a shining example of that,” Kelaher said.

The hike began at 9 a.m. with the 5k. Coming in first place overall, with a time of 18:49, was Raymond Newman. Newman, a freshman at Ocean County College, said that it felt good to win the race. Newman ran track and cross-country when he was in high school.

"I was going to do another 5K, but the registration was closed, and there was a fee to register. So I looked online, I found this race and I signed up," Newman said. "I want to thank my parents for cheering me on, and attending all of my races in high school and now."

In first place for the women, Kelly Braden finished with a time of 22:52. Braden, a freshman at TR South, was proud to finish first.

“I ran cross country last year, that helped,” said Braden. “I’d like to thank Ms. Adelizzi, my world history teacher.”

Coming right behind Braden was Krystina George, an 8th grader at Intermediate North. George took second place for the women with a time of 23:32.

“I am friends with the Hirtes family and I wanted to run,” George said. “It was tough near the end, I was thinking ‘finish strong and do well.’ I want to thank my friends and my mom.”

Overall, the event was a great morning for those in attendance. According to Hirtes, he felt that his wife was watching over the race today and kept the weather perfect for the event.

“I’m thankful for everyone who came out today. I know Maureen is looking down and loving every minute,” Hirtes said.


5K Winners by Category:


Mens Overall: Raymond Newman - 18:49

14 and under:

1 - Ron Vaccaro Jr - 23:59

2 - Stephen Tunney - 24:08

3 - Christopher Schober - 24:27



1 - Raymond Newman - 18:49

2 - Jordan Feigin - 20:12

3 - Paulie Benvenuto - 21:51



1 - Justin Scomak - 24:38

2 - Stephen Rossi - 25:15

3 - Dan Castles - 27:26



1 - Richard Ullman - 20:59



1 - Bob Vanzile - 19:03

2 - Ron Vaccaro Sr - 25:03

3 - Bid 47 - 27:01



1 - Robert Spadaro - 21:53

2 - Burt Fisher - 25:41



1- Bob Clarke - 37:10


70 and over:

1- Joe Placente - 43:32


Womens Overall: Kelly Braden - 22:52

14 and under:

1 - Krystina George - 23:32

2 - Amy Hearne - 27:10

3 - Ryan Hirtes - 38:32



1 - Kelly Braden - 22:52

2 - Allison Stiles - 45:24



1 - Katie Bevacqua - 25:14

2 - Jamie Besante - 25:50

3 - Nicole Prima - 27:01



1 - Melissa Anzyldo - 28:14

2 - Margaret Wilkens - 28:15

3 - Laura Rowley - 28:56



1 - Julie Dippolito - 25:59

2 - Patty Worman - 26:03

3 - Veronica Maier - 28:03



1 - Bid 83 - 31:59

2 - Gina Nardini - 42:01

3 - Susan Milo - 48:27

Seriously? May 13, 2012 at 02:00 PM
While I'm sure that the three families earmarked to receive the Hike donations are more than worthy, it's too bad that a small portion of the money raised couldn't be allocated to the family from Cedar Grove Road who just lost their home, car and all their belongings to fire.
Shawn Smith May 13, 2012 at 02:21 PM
The program accepts applications in the fall and families in need can also be nominated.


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