Hazlet Announces School Sports Coaches

Who is coaching which sport? See the list here, and get read to cheer on the team.


Every year the Board of Education, in consultation with the superintendent and athletic director, approves the appointment of the district sports coaches. 

Here is a list of who is coaching at the Hazlet Middle School (HMS, enrollment 483) and Raritan High School (RHS, enrollment 1029) in 2012-2013. Generally, high school head coaches are paid between $8,500 and $9,000; assistant coaches $6,500 to $7,100. Volunteers are not paid. Hazlet Middle School coaches are generally paid between $3,347 to $3,851.

Nearly all of the staff remains in place from last year. But a vacancy on the HMS boys soccer team, formerly coached by Antonio Mosquera, will be filled by HMS Physical Education teacher Michael Connell, it was announced on August 13. The leadership of the Hazlet United Soccer Association made a special plea to the Board of Education at a recent meeting in favor of appointing someone with Connell's experience in youth soccer. 

On Thursday, Connell said, "I look forward to the start of the season. My eighth graders will be taking a leadership role with some advanced, and promising, seventh grade players." 

Also, the board approved the appointment of a third assistant to Head Coach Ron Poll on the Raritan High School soccer team. Anthony Vona, also the HMS Baseball Coach, was named. 

"We are confident that the recommendations of our administrative team provided us with the right people," said Superintendent Bernard Bragen. 


Team Coaches 

Cross Country, Boys


James Cermak, HMS

Eric Pritchard, RHS

Cross Country, Girls 

Jennifer Liggio, HMS

Peter Toscano, RHS


Field Hockey, Girls 

Kimberly Losseff, HMS

Kristine Cox, RHS (Head Coach)

Meghan McDermott, RHS (Asst)

Jennifer Pappas, RHS (Asst)


Soccer Coach, Girls 

Stephanie Pallone, HMS

Kimberly Golla, RHS (Head Coach)

Erin Cunliffe, RHS (Asst)

Soccer Coach, Boys

Mike Connell, HMS

Ronald Poll, RHS (Head Coach)

Anthony Vona, RHS (Asst)

Gregg Cohen, RHS (Asst)

Thomas J. O'Donnell, RHS (Asst)

Jerome Galvin, RHS (Volunteer)


Basketball, Boys

Michael Nunes, HMS

Denis Caruano, RHS (Head Coach)

Thomas J. O'Donnell, RHS (Asst)

Douglas Turner, RHS (Asst)

Anthony Vona, RHS (Volunteer)

Basketball, Girls

James Cermak, HMS

Ronald Poll, RHS (Head Coach)

Meghan McDermott, RHS (Asst)


Christina DaRold, HMS

Dana Valenti, RHS (Advisor) Fall, Winter

Lauren Quackenbush, RHS JV (Advisor) Fall, Winter



Anthony Vona, HMS

Thomas O'Donnell, RHS (Head Coach)

Denis Caruano, RHS (Asst)

Ronald Poll, RHS (Asst)


Michael Nunes, HMS

Aado Kommendant, RHS (Head Coach)

Lisa Maroun, RHS (Asst)

Joseph Mason (Asst)



Gregg Cohen (HMS)

Robert Nucci, RHS (Head Coach)

Eric Pritchard, RHS (Asst)

Christopher Villa, RHS (Asst)

Volunteers, RHS: Daniel Bilowus

Matthew DeNardo

Kevin Daley

Richard Dunnells

Corey Hannwacker

Michael Mason

Allen Mui

Matthew Pendle

Shawn Putnam

Jason Sagos

Matthew Walsh




Football - RHS

Anthony Petruzzi (Head Coach)

Assistants: Matthew Dempsey

Michael Nunes

John Oxley

John Principe III

Keith W. Resscorl

Jeffrey Struble-co

George Gibson-co

Volunteers: David Ernst

Christopher Raitano

Anselmo J. Roque

Joseph Schroeck

Nicholas Sparacello

Michael Thaner




Tennis, Boys

Rory Clayton, RHS (Head Coach)

Robert Nucci, RHS (Asst)

Tennis, Girls

Christopher Berg, RHS (Head Coach)

Douglas Turner, RHS (Asst)

Weight Room

Robert Nucci, RHS Fall

Jeffrey Struble, RHS Fall, Spring, Summer

Christopher Berg, RHS Winter, Spring

Anthony Petruzzi RHS Winter, Spring, Summer


Volleyball, Girls

Denis Caruano, RHS (Head)

Sandra Burgos, RHS (Asst)

Douglas Anderson (Volunteer)

Track, Indoor

Peter Toscano, RHS (Head Coach)

Erin Cunliffe, RHS (Asst)

Jeffrey Struble, RHS (Asst)

Track, Spring Boys

Eric Pritchard, RHS (Head Coach)

Daniel White, RHS (Asst)

Christopher Berg, RHS (Asst)


Track, Spring Girls

Peter Toscano, RHS (Head Coach)

Agata Mora, RHS (Asst)

Erin Cunliffe, RHS (Asst)


Donna Doherty, RHS (Head Coach)

Dane Stephenson, RHS (Asst)


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