Thoughts on Holmdel's Graduation Day; And Where The Class of 2012 Is Going

Holmdel School Board Vice President and parent Robin Wetmore writes about "where has the time gone." Also, a list of the colleges welcoming HHS grads this fall.


As I drove around Holmdel on June 20th I saw Holmdel blue graduation balloons attached to mailboxes and this year a balloon magically appeared on our mailbox! Thank you to the HHS PTSO and junior class parents for continuing this Holmdel tradition. 

Over the years we watched our children progress through the grades, marked by milestone events: the Tin Can Derby, Heritage Day, Colonial Day, the Ice Cream Social, the Sixth Grade Electricity Project, the Ellis Island trip and the Washington D.C. trip.  In addition to what was being taught in the classroom, they participated in field trips, talent shows, musical performances, plays, clubs and sports.

As parents we encourage our children and watch them grow and change, moving toward the goal of graduation.  When our children are young we plan play dates, chose after-school activities. As they get older they begin to make choices for themselves.  As senior year approaches students with the help of their parents, teachers and guidance counselors make decisions about their future.  On June 20th we gathered at Brookdale Community College to watch 280 seniors graduate from Holmdel High School.  It was their night to shine and celebrate their accomplishments. The graduates have made their decision and soon they will be scattering across the country to continue the next stage of study and pursue their dreams. A list of the schools they will be attending is attached.

As a parent I watched the students come up to receive their diplomas and I couldn’t help but think, “Where has the time gone?”  

As a member of the Board of Education I know where the time as gone.  Taking a line from our Mission Statement, it has gone toward preparing our children “to become responsible and resourceful citizens and life long-learners.”

Congratulations to the Class of 2012!  We wish you well!

 On behalf of my fellow Board members,

Robin Wetmore

Vice President



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