Step Through A Holmdel HS Art Mural (In Progress)

Honor students are working on wall mural in the lower Commons area of Holmdel High School.

A blank wall is being transformed into a flowing art mural by members of the Holmdel High School National Art Honor Society (NAHS), a group of 10th, 11th and 12th graders who have taken two semesters of art in the high school and submitted a portfolio for review.

The mural is a collaboration of 16 honor arts society members.  It represents all of the fine and performing arts available to every student at Holmdel High: fine arts, photography, TV production, acting, music, dance, graphic design, and fashion. 

Art Teacher and NAHS Advisor Alana Lazar said that each person contributed their own design for the mural, and the ideas were then combined into the final piece. The wall was blocked out with sketches before the permanent paint display was started. "Now when you enter the Lower Commons ( “the pit”)  you see a whimsical representation of both the creative and technical arts featured at Holmdel High School," she said.

Patch photographed these images of the evolving artwork on May 10, 2012. Learn more about the Holmdel NAHS in the PDF presentation.

National Art Honor Society Members:

Brianna Benton
Kelly Bian
Lennon Cooper
Emma D’Orazio
Devan Grant
Tara Ilango
Deborah Kim
Danielle Kuchinski
Kelsey Lynch
Melina Magriples
Kelly Maher
Stephanie Morello
Monica Pinlac
Shannon Tang
Nitasha Uppal
Katherine Wang

Mary May 16, 2012 at 11:33 AM
As President of the Holmdel Creative Arts Association (HCAA), I'd like to congratulate all our Art Students. They have done a beautiful, inspiring job on this mural and so representative of our students. Since 2000 The HCAA has gifted about $100,000 to the arts at Holmdel High School. We gift to all the schools in the district anything related to the arts including Drama/Acting, Photography, Ceramics, Fine Arts and Graphic Design. We are the parent group for the Arts in our district. You are invited to learn more about us at the district website - www.holmdelschools.org. Please join our group and help us continue supporting the Arts in Holmdel! - Mary Pomarico


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