5 Fun Things You Didn't Know About Tali Axelrod

Favorite book, favorite movie, and other interesting tid-bits about Holmdel's Indian Hill School principal.

1.  Favorite book as a child?

I loved the “Bobsey Twins” – I feel like I'm dating myself! – but they were old when I got to them. I also loved classics like “Charlotte's Web.” The whole book is so wonderful. That was one of my favorites and I read it to my boys.

2. What else did you read to your own children?

I loved “Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing” by Judy Blume, it's hysterically funny. It's goofy and funny. I try to use a lot of humor with my own kids. We laugh a lot. If I can use humor to laugh off something before it becomes a punitive situation, I do. I was the same way as a classroom teacher and I was the same way as an assistant principal. I find the humor in lots of things kids do. So in books it's the same thing, if I can laugh with a child with a book there's nothing better than that.

3. What was the last grown-up book you read?

I'm finishing up Jonathan Tropper. He's really funny, sarcastic, and he writes about contemporary parenting. He's struggling with raising children and divorce, but he handles it with humor and his writing is just sarcastic and funny. I can't read books that aren't well written anymore. I've gotten fussy.

4. Favorite movie?

I'm going to sound so goofy but “Moonstruck.” It's such a funny movie. And I love cinematography of New York because I'm a New York girl and I love the city.

5. What's your favorite TV family of all time, real or fictional?

Well, I grew up with the Brady Bunch. But it's good and it's bad. I think some people in my generation grew up thinking that you couldn't have strife or conflict and that everything would tie up in a neat little package and that's not the way life works, so I think that was a little bit of an unhealthy family image, although it was definitely my favorite TV family. I wanted to be Marcia.


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