Holmdel Township Introduces Its Spending Plan

A budget hearing on the $21.1 million spending plan will be on May 17.

Holmdel's 2012 muncipal budget is now ready for review by elected officials and the public, said Township Administrator Andy Katz at the Township Committee meeting on Thursday.

The $21,099,000 spending plan includes a $1,500,000 paydown of debt, said Katz. He said the plan will be explained in detail at the May 17 meeting.

The document is now posted to the township website and attached as a PDF to this article.

"If not for $1.5 million -- if not for that, the budget comparison will represent a decrease of about $600,000 from the preceding year," Katz told the Township Committee. "I'll be prepared at the budget hearing with summaries, detailed information about the revenue and expenditure side," he said.

According to Township Committeeman Larry Fink, the members had only received the budget less than 24 hours before Thursday night meeting and were not prepared to say if they supported it or not. Their vote to introduce the budget was a formality, he explained. "I plan to look over it very carefully over the coming weeks to prepare for the public hearing and that time we'll take the vote whether to adopt it after the public hearing."

Mayor Patrick Impreveduto said, "Coming out of your committee, I hope it is something you agree on."

The budget hearing will be on Thursday, May 17 at 7 p.m.

Town Hall was closed on Good Friday. Phone and email messages left for Katz on Friday morning were not immediately returned.

Tony Orsini April 09, 2012 at 06:24 PM
OK, Mayor: so even if we do not read, we can SEE a pic of Mr. Katz developing the budget, not some committee that made suggestions. When are you going to take ownership of the fiscal disaster that is Holmdel??? Selling land, blowing surpluses, accounting gimmicks, burying our head in the sand, pulling rabbits out of hats. No one will always agree with you, but folks would have a lot more trust and respect if issues were met head on as opposed to political spinning and srtful dodging.


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