Toms River and Hurricane Sandy: Saturday Updates

Updates on water, power, donations

An update from Toms River Office of Emergency Management Paul Daley:

Town Hall is closed due to lack of power and will re-open Monday November 5th with the assistance of a generator.  Officials are working around the clock to aid residents.  Periodic updates will be made available via the media and on the township website.



FEMA representatives from the Community Relations Team in NJ will be in the Toms River area wearing blue shirts, FEMA Logos and FEMA credentials to render assistance.

To contact FEMA, use their website at www.FEMA.gov or call 1-800-621-FEMA (3362)

Toms River Engineers will be out to help inspect sites, and assessments will be made quickly so that businesses can open and homeowners can return to their houses.

Garbage and Recycling Collection

The Department of Public Works will resume a normal schedule starting Monday, November 5th.  There WILL be garbage pick up on Election Day.

Leave all brush and debris on your curb to be picked up.  Other than hazardous waste and pilings, all bulk items will be accepted.  Anything that was exposed to salt water will corrode and should be replaced quickly to prevent mold build up.


JCP&L is focusing on the mainland areas to restore electricity.  Residents can expect to see power restored to homes and businesses along the Route 37 corridor first.  JCP&L currently has 4,000 people on the ground working to get power lines restored.


As of today, only 2 shelters are in operation, HS North (County Shelter) and HS East (Toms River Shelter).  Residents that are being housed in shelters may need to be transported to a Burlington County shelter long-term, or find temporary housing in the area.  More updates will be provided daily.

Beach Residents

We are currently developing a plan for residents of the barrier island to be able to visit their homes in the near future but only with a Police escort.  Downed power lines, large amounts of sand in the roads, and massive debris prevent people from traveling safely through the area.  Residents of Ortley Beach will NOT be allowed to live in their homes because the gas lines will be shut off to the entire barrier island.

The Board of Public Utilities, said that the Natural Gas system is so compromised that it must be shut off.  From Mantoloking to Seaside Park, the complete system must be abandoned and rebuilt.  It could be a month, at best, before homeowners can reuse gas stoves.  We need to shut off and purge the system, and all of that gas must be released into the air.  A plume of methane gas will be in air.  It’s not dangerous, but there will be a foul smell. 


Anti Looting Patrols

We encourage all residents to stay away from storm affected areas in order to allow emergency workers to continue their efforts.  Extra police patrols have been initiated to combat any possible looting or other criminal behavior.  Police check points have been established to identify residents in affected areas on the mainland.



Toms River Regional Schools Superintendant Frank Roselli said that Toms River Regional Schools would be closed through next week, November 5-9.  Students will only miss two more days of school, because classes were not scheduled on Election Day and on November 8 & 9 for an NJEA conference.



Donations of cash can be sent to the “Toms River Police Foundation”  PO Box 876 Toms River NJ 08754.

Donations of clothes, food and other items should be directed to representatives of the Red Cross or Salvation Army.


Water and Ice

A large delivery of water and ice was delivered and will be available to the public in need after 1pm Friday November 2nd at Toms River Public Works Church/N. Bay Ave. and all of the township fire stations.


Governor Chris Christie has designated Monday, November 5th for trick-or-treating.


For non-emergencies and questions about road closures, contact the Toms River Police Department at 732-349-0150 Ext. 1920.

dainty November 05, 2012 at 10:51 PM
I went to North Gateway. Homes are fine and electric is on.
T. Anusiewicz November 12, 2012 at 03:57 AM
Hi, we have a pen pal, Cissy Melnas, who lives on 1257 Bay Ave. in Toms River. We want to know if she is ok. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks. Our email is Scadeddiecat@aol.com
Stanley Goscombe November 15, 2012 at 09:55 AM
Does anyone know whether Gorginio Drive was hit by Sandy? I have a friend who lives there and would like to know how she is. Communications were down the last time I sent an e-Mail and I know that the post office was closed so regular mails was not getting through. I am a friend from the UK and would appreciate some news. I wish you guys the best of everything in the clean-up and restoration of electricity and gas, etc., and sincerely hope that not too many people were injured or killed in the storm.
Stanley Goscombe November 15, 2012 at 03:44 PM
Hi Dainty, You seem like the right person to ask to check on people. If you have read my message about my friend (see below) maybe you could find out for me? My name is Stanley. I am English and am sending this from the UK. I have a friend on Gorgino Drive, her name is Gail Henry and I am worried that she is o.k. after hurricane Sandy hit your area. We have know each other for many years; she is like a big sister or long-lost cousine. She lived in England with her family about forty years ago. I came twice to NJ to visit with her a long time ago; then she lived in Sicklerville. (One of her daughters lives in Glendora - might they have been hit too?). If you can find out anything I would appreciate that very much - many, many thank yous! Stanley
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