The Mayor of Holmdel Answers Your Questions

A call-out for questions resulted in an overwhelming response from Holmdel Patch readers. Holmdel Mayor Patrick Impreveduto answers them here.

On Thursday, Holmdel Mayor Patrick Impreveduto sat with Holmdel Patch for one hour to answer questions posed by readers. Here are his answers.

Question on Plum Lane: I read a statement in the press that the municipal budget for 2012 had been passed "without the sale of open space." Does this mean the Plum Lane Open Space has been taken off the market? -- Tony Orsini

Mayor Impreveduto: It was never on the market. Remember, back in February when we discussed Plum Lane at that meeting, we gave the approval for the Township Administrator to look into the value, and that’s all we did. If we needed to sell it to solve our $3 million budget gap, then we would inform the residents in the community of the sale of the property.

Question on sewers and housing at Alcatel-Lucent property: Why, and based on what research and specific input did you change your position on sewer coverage at the Lucent property? Have we (employees of the town or governing body) spoken to Elsie Sterling in the last couple of months and if so, what has the planning board and TC done in reaction to her plans for Lucent?

Mayor Impreveduto: Initially I went on the computer. I looked at some studies that were done, particularly one done in 1995, where the EPA identified in its studies that septic was one of three main contaminants in groundwater. If you look at the studies in the past 20 years, they support it.

I found this letter on file sent from NJ American to the township on Feb. 9, 2004. NJ American Water stated that septic fails over time.

Not everyone takes responsibility to care for the maintenance of their septic system. This often leads to the 'out of sight, out of mind' approach.

Of course I spoke with our engineers and planner as well, and they concurred.

That accompanied with the realization that the property would not be sold without a strong housing component. As mayor, you have to do what best for all the residents of Holmdel. It might not adhere to your personal beliefs. By sewering the property, it's going to help create a substantial ratable for the town.

Regarding Elsie Howard, we spoke to her a couple of weeks back and we negotiated the housing component, the stacking plan for the building and their vision for the property. They're talking about a limited housing component, mixed use in the building and a data center.  We still don't have a final concept plan from them.  I spoke to them recently. They are negotiating with different developers regarding the housing components.

Question on Cross Farm land sale: You were elected to make decisions, why back off under 'pressure' and not sell the Cross Farm 'soccer' property? if the green space folks want to preserve it tell them flat out to pony up the cash. -- dan

Mayor Impreveduto: Cross Farm was put on the table. It was a period of discussion at the beginning of the year when we were looking at a $3 million deficit. Our financial situation has changed and there is no need to sell it.

In hindsight, there's a rumor floating around that the Board of Education over the next 'X' amount of years is looking to keep the BOE facilities unto themselves. They will not let the recreation groups use their facilities. If that is the case, then obviously I am glad we didn’t sell the Cross Farm Park piece because we will intend to expand the Cross Farm piece, which might include an indoor facility.

Question on televised government meetings: Why aren't the Township Committee meetings televised for those who are unable to attend the meetings? -- Joni Charles

Mayor Impreveduto: They are! Every meeting is on Comcast. It's been like that forever. I don't have Comcast, so I can't see them. We will investigate putting them online.

Question on bold new ideas at Alcatel-Lucent: The planning ideas around Lucent seem to revolve around the same ideas ...some housing, some retail, some recreational. What radical or innovative ideas have been strongly considered? See attached article on apple's proposed new campus http://www.cnn.com/2012/05/22/tech/innovation/new-apple-campus/index.html?iphoneemail-- Jeff Rossi

Mayor Impreveduto: I can say there has been some interest in some real radical ideas that would not generate any funds for the town. Other than that, we’ve had inquiries regarding equestrian, movie studio, solar farms, and even an underground waste disposal facility.  Members of the community have contacted all of the major technology companies and Fortune 400 to ask if they are interested in the building.   The reality is that a purpose-built, 2 million square foot building is obsolete for single uses. The most logical thing is the mixed use.

Questions on sewers, and mayor's vision:

Mayor, thank-you for doing this for your constituents.

1- Please clarify....As I understand it, if Larry Fink would have voted for the Redevelopment Plan back in December, the Lucent property would have not been sewered. Is that correct?

2- I believe there is still a budgetary gap for 2013, so if it helps to keep my property taxes down, I would like you to sell the lots on Plum Lane. The Township should not be in the real estate business, so get this land off the Township's inventory and onto the taxable base. This will benefit 99% of Holmdel's residents.

3- We live in the year 2012, I believe that whenever possible all properties should be hooked up to a sanitary sewer system....septic systems are disgusting and are prone to failure. That's a no brainer. Please comment.

4- As stated above, I like the idea of having the Committee meetings videotaped and shown later on cable TV.

5- Please share your vision for Holmdel over the next 1-2 years. -- Nick J.

Mayor Impreveduto:

1. The Lucent property never came to a vote because of Lucent's objection to the Redevelopment Plan. As far as what [Township Committeeman] Larry Fink would have done, ask Larry Fink. The DEP said back in December that unless we modify the zoning, the entire property would be sewered.   The Redevelopment Plan was our proposed rezoning: when it was not adopted, we lost the opportunity to change the DEP plan.

The meeting in December was attended by 100 people and they were all upset we were going to push the Redevelopment Plan.  It's over now, it water under the bridge.

Question 2 - 4, see previous answers.

Question 5: My vision for Holmdel? With Lucent coming on board, with Meridian expanding their hospital, with us looking to develop commercial properties on Route 35 -- that will help Holmdel to get where it needs to be for a sustainable future, and to help keep our home values strong.

It’s about time we started doing things for all residents in the community. We are looking to do something for seniors, by enhancing a park with bocce courts, shuffleboard, chess and checkers, a gazebo. We're looking at outdoor movie nights, and a big community event for September or October. I'm looking to create a 'wow' factor for Holmdel. Colts Neck has its country fair, other towns have parades. My personal vision for Holmdel is to make it a cohesive community, to create that hometown atmosphere.

Question on swim club: The Township Committee approved a swim committee in early March and several residents have applied. What is your vision for the committee and when will it be appointed? - Cathy Weber

Mayor Impreveduto: We’ve had a disappointing response from the public participating in this swim committee. We are investigating a different option. We might put someone on the Recreation Committee to represent it, we are not sure.

Question on selling the swim and tennis center: Can we investigate selling the swim and tennis center to the private sector and get out of trying to run it ourselves with restrictions on what can be done there. -- Frank

Mayor Impreveduto: The swim center pays for itself. We have entered into a private/public partnership with Centercourt. They have refurbished the tennis courts at no cost to the town. They are going to run the academy while we still own the property. They spent money fixing it up and they will get their money back from running lessons. What I’ d like to see happen here is that they get so popular they would choose to develop an even larger facility in town.

Question on the public process: I'm curious about what the Alcatel Redevelopment Plan means as far as governmental checks and balances. I have been told that with the approval, the TC has taken control of the zoning for the whole property bypassing all the normal checking and balancing entities, i.e. the zoning board, and planning board will no longer have any say in the process. Also, how did the Plan grow from 40 homes to over 225 houses? Why stop at 225? Why not apartment buildings? Who benefits from the addition of residential housing on the Lucent property? From what I've observed, residential development never pays for itself. Who will pay for all the services to meet the needs of the new residents? -- Karen Strickland

Mayor Impreveduto: The characterization is incorrect. As I've stated numerous times at our public meeting on May 17 that we will adhere to all of the rules, regulations, policies and procedures that any other zoning change or development plan is required to do. There is a full set of checks and balances we must adhere to.

Question about the sewer fund: When is the Township going to repay the sewer customers who were solely responsible for building the sewer surplus in the first place? Why have they been forced to subsidize the rest of the town ?...steve h.

Mayor Impreveduto: From 2007 - 2011, all of the taxpayers had to subsidize that fund because there wasn’t enough money being generated. We now have rates that have returned the sewer utility to ‘self-funding’ as required.  Nontheless, we charge the lowest amount in the Bayshore region for sewer costs to our residents.

The money came out of the operating budget, so every taxpayer paid for it to be solvent. When we feel that the fund is financially stable, we will consider reducing rates. At this stage in the game we’re only in a year into it.

Question about public input on the township budget: Can we post the township budget line by line on the township website similar to how school districts have to post Spdt, Asst Spdt, BA contracts? Taxpayers should be allowed to see exactly where our taxes are being spent. -- pete

We do. We also held public workshops. People called my office with questions. The information is readily available, and the residents can always call with questions.

Question on pain relief: More importantly, what is the mayor's favorite adult beverage? I feel he's going to need a drink after reading all this. -- Mike Nikolis

Mayor Impreveduto: I'm not much of a drinker, I like Diet Coke. Oh alright! A cold Martini with olives! Got to have the olives.

Question on Town Hall office space: What is the status of the former Parks and Rec space in the basement at Town Hall? Has there been any interest shown in the remaining office space in the former Bd. of Ed. offices now partially occupied by the Parks and Rec folks and the Mayor? -- Jenni Blumenthal

Mayor Impreveduto: Regarding the former parks and recreation space in the basement: Come to the next Township Committee meeting and Committeeman Buontempo will explain in detail.

Regarding office space, yes, we've had some interest. Nothing to announce yet.

Question on DEP petitions against sewering Alcatel-Lucent: What happened to all the protest petitions that were submitted to the DEP in opposition to the DEP's plans to extend sewer service areas to PNC Arts Center and Alcatel Lucent? -- steve h.

Mayor Impreveduto: They are in the hands of the DEP. We expect an announcement from them in coming months.

Question on traffic to be generated at Alcatel-Lucent development: Have you taken time to look into the traffic generated by alternate uses and how almost any alternative uses suggested for the existing building would produce traffic each hour of each day, 8AM to 9PM, 7 days a week, equal to the traffic generated one hour in the morning and one hour in late afternoon 5 days a week by Lucent? -- Larrabee M. Smith

Mayor Impreveduto: Residents have to come to the realization that for a number of years there has been no traffic on Crawfords Corner Road, and no matter what we put there is going to create traffic. We feel we are minimizing traffic with the senior development and not more than forty single-family homes.  A data center, if it does happen, will have very few employees and virtually no impact. The mixed use in the building will create more traffic Monday-Friday than on Saturday - Sunday. There will be traffic. I personally don’t think it will ever equate to when Lucent was in operation.

Question about mayor's possible alter ego: Another question for the mayor: Is your online profile Nick J? -- William Y.

Mayor Impreveduto: Isn't there a little Nick J. in all of us? By the way, I want to thank Nick J. for all his support, I share his point of view.

Question about public input on Redevelopment Plan: Why didn't the township committee hold an open public discussion of the Redevelopment plan? How is the Redevelopment designation going to impact the school district taxes? Where did the 225 houses and full-on sewers come from, considering that previously a significant number of Holmdel residents (including the Mayor) opposed the large residential component and sewer extension on Lucent property? And one question where an answer is not really expected... who is going to be profiting from this sudden change? -- Eve

Mayor Impreveduto: This Redevelopment Plan, in essence, has been around for a number of years. To suggest it was done in the absence of the public is untrue. There was a charette, public presentation, discussion, public comments, we posted it on the website. While there have been some tweaks, there has not been any substantial changes. Who is going to profit? All of the residents of Holmdel.


Holmdel Patch wishes to thank Mayor Patrick Impreveduto for participating in this Q & A. We are accepting nominations for more people you'd like to ask questions of, in our new "Names in the News" feature on Holmdel Patch. Email the Holmdel Patch editor at christina.johnson@patch.com.

Thomas Scarano May 26, 2012 at 06:22 PM
Thank you Mayor for the continued posiive Republican leadership.
Carol Beckenstein May 26, 2012 at 07:30 PM
Thanks for answering the questions, Mayor, but, MY! What a difference a few weeks make!!! You have totally FLIP FLOPPED on Lucent and Sewers! At the Earth Day Festival - April 27th - you told me right to my face that, environmentally, we are "on the same side." So untrue! Sewers will mean the DEPLETION of the DRINKING WATER SUPPLY: how is THAT thinking of "all the people of Holmdel?" And, NO! We do NOT all have a little Nick J. in us! Nick J. doesn't care who he falsely condemns as he is usually short on facts. He is just a Republican Mouthpiece, hiding behind a pseudonym.
Thomas Scarano May 27, 2012 at 01:27 AM
My goodness Carol...so many capital letters. Why is it that you environmental extremists are always angry and always so wrong??
Carol Beckenstein May 27, 2012 at 03:22 AM
The capitals are for EMPHASIS, Tom. I am not an extremist about the environment, but I do CARE about it. And, Tom, I am NOT wrong: the Mayor has TOTALLY REVERSED his many former statements about sewers and Lucent. Yes, being deceived by the Mayor does make me angry. But, am I wrong? ABSOLUTELY not!
Thomas Scarano May 27, 2012 at 01:39 PM
But Carol you are always angry and are part of the environmental extemeist crowd.
Steve Lin May 27, 2012 at 01:55 PM
What's so bad about us, treehuggers? Carol isn't extreme. She cares for the town of Holmdel!!
Carol Beckenstein May 27, 2012 at 05:31 PM
How WONDERFUL to have someone I do not know "have my back!" Thanks, Steve Lin. Tom, please avoid personal attacks and stick to the subject - the Mayor's abject FLIP-FLOPPING on Lucent and his proposed extension of sewers into our precious and vital watershed! He made PUBLIC SPEECHES defending our watershed before the DEP only months ago! WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON AT TOWN HALL???
Thomas Scarano May 28, 2012 at 01:09 AM
The Mayor and the Republican majority have provided the leadership to solve the problem of Lucent. The issue of sewers ruining the watershed is a lie Carol. And no amount of crying wolf rom the environmental extremistswill change that.How many of your CIlU people have sewers?
Nick J. May 28, 2012 at 02:36 AM
Carol, Perhaps you can explain to the public how dumping raw sewerage into the ground of your backyard is actually good for the environment? There is not a builder in the United States that would actually construct a house with septics when sewers are available. And it's true that all you tree huggers are extremists...perhaps if you took a more middle of the road approach, the general public would actually find you to be credible.
William Y May 28, 2012 at 11:17 AM
All those extremists are part of the malcontent crowd, right Nick...errr... Mayor...keep getting you two mixed up.
Carol Beckenstein May 28, 2012 at 02:57 PM
BUILDERS PREFER SEWERS so they can CRAM AS MANY HOUSES AS POSSIBLE ON A PROPERTY! It has NOTHING TO DO with the potential home-owners but STRICTLY GREED! I was "afraid" of septics when I moved to Holmdel, too, but my home had one so I LEARNED about it from the Health Department. Our family has lived live comfortably and safely with it for 21 years and it is ORIGINAL to our 48 year old house! Routine maintenance has kept it problem-free. Like any home system (ie, a furnace) septics will last many years when maintained and costs are MUCH LESS than sewers: pumping every two years - that's MORE than necessary - costs $100 per year compared with the $400 (or more?) sewer users must pay. Savings are HARDLY the point, though. The pumping removes solids while liquids are slowly released into the field, filtered by the ground, returned to the streams and, eventually, the Swimming River Reservoir, where it is processed into HOLMDEL'S drinking water! Sewers on the other hand, take EVERYTHING your homes produce and dumps it in the ocean. No reuse, there, and no water when there are droughts, which have become so common! Call me whatever you like,"gentlemen," but I am far from an extremist. I just care about the basics: having WATER coming out of the faucets of our homes being one of them! Also, if you want to see Holmdel become more crowded, put in those proposed sewers and THE BUILDERS WILL COME! See what happens to our schools and our taxes, then!
Thomas Scarano May 28, 2012 at 03:06 PM
Oh yes...same liberal line.......greed...fear and lies......your brand of environmental extremism has crippled the US at the national level. Thankfully the residents of Holmdel recognize that.
Nick J. May 28, 2012 at 04:12 PM
Mixed up? Your Toni Orsini, who are you kidding. There are a few "Orsini's" here who all of a sudden started to post....a desperate move by a desperate man serving a radical party. How sad. As I told you before Tony, I'm your worst nightmare as I speak the truth and it just kills you....cluck, cluck to you.
Nick J. May 28, 2012 at 04:20 PM
Carol, So you think that our sewer water gets directly dumped into the ocean? Really? Just another scare tactic, as we have sewerage processing plants that take care of this waste. Ever hear of the Bayshore Regional Sewerage Authority (which Holmdel is a part of). Stop the scare tactics as I'm sure the majority of people are happy that they have sewers....enough said.
Carol Beckenstein May 28, 2012 at 08:41 PM
These personal attacks are ridiculous. My EXACT WORDS WERE: "Sewers on the other hand, take EVERYTHING your homes produce and dumps it in the ocean. No reuse, there, and no water when there are droughts, which have become so common!" All TRUE! I didn't think I was expected to explain that the waste that goes into the ocean is treated BEFORE it is wasted! And, YES, I have heard of BRSA! BRSA has been PUSHING Holmdel to expand sewers FOREVER. I will let someone else explain WHY, but let me just say, that it also has EVERYTHING to do with boosting the BRSA coffers. But, that is getting way off track. As I asked Tom, earlier, PLEASE STOP THE PERSONAL ATTACKS and please return to the PROBLEM at hand: the Mayor has FLIP FLOPPED totally on his vows to not sewer Lucent. WHAT THE HECK IS HAPPENING AT TOWN HALL?
Steve Lin May 28, 2012 at 09:16 PM
It's funny that you label the liberals with the brand "greed...fear and lies." I see the Republican Party as very pro business, and that very pro-business stance only means money, money, and money. That's called GREED! So sometimes, we FORGET AND DISREGARD the ENVIRONMENT!!! One of the reasons why my family moved to Holmdel is the Holmdel's nature and open space. So I'll hate to see our precious water go to waste. That's what we're fighting to preserve. I'm just another Nick J because Steve Lin doesn't exist. I'm a huge Knicks fan ( Steve Novak + Jeremy Lin). I'm a high school kid protecting my identity. Sorry to show you conservative Know-nothings and Do-nothings up.
Carol Beckenstein May 28, 2012 at 09:41 PM
Whoa! I never put any faith in pseudonyms, but at least I can understand why you are protecting your identity, "Steve Lin." You are just a KID and you GET IT better than men three times your age!! Best of luck at Harvard or wherever a young person who has a tremendous grasp on what is truly IMPORTANT IN LIFE goes to college!!
Steve Lin May 28, 2012 at 11:16 PM
Haha, Holmdel High School does its job in educating us (hopefully) to be the young leaders of America. A lot of my knowledge about comes from the history course at our school. I'm thinking about college of course, but Harvard is out of reach (uh oh, you may guess, I'm a junior).  And Carol, thanks for the support, I'll like to say great job on putting together the Earth Day Festival at Bayonet Farms. I really enjoyed the festivities of the event; it really shows how much the People of Holmdel really care about the preservation of our environment.    So, for both the Republicans and Democrats, please listen to your constituents and your people! You are representing us, the people, and we need to have our voice heard in the government. Don't worry about the incompetence of the "masses" because we all went through the American school system. YOLO
William Y May 28, 2012 at 11:51 PM
Not quite - Mr. Orsini is a bit over the top for me. I'm a registered Republican in fact, who is pretty fed up with the behavior of the local republicans. Too much power and too much bravado. Bring back Serena.
Carol Beckenstein May 29, 2012 at 03:11 PM
Well said! Some people become very closed-minded when they get older. Never be one of them, Steve Lin, and try not to waste too much time trying to reach them! Getting out of this conversation, myself, pronto. Good luck!
steve h May 30, 2012 at 06:58 AM
Regarding Karen Strickland's question and Eve's concerns about public input on the Redevelopment Plan the Mayor responded, " that we will adhere to all of the rules, regulations, policies and procedures that any other zoning change or development plan is required to do." It is my understanding at a recent Township Committee Meeting, the Township Attorney stated that minimal compliance with public notice for Redevelopment Plans/designated Redevelopment areas does not include or require certified notice to property owners within 200 feet as required when changes are made to zoning ordinances or applications for building near a property owner include a variance. Therefore, being in minimal compliance with his promise to adhere to all rules, etc does not serve all his constituents well, to the best of his ability, does not guarantee full disclosure or opportunity to be heard or listened before the deal is done.
steve h May 30, 2012 at 06:58 AM
In response to my question When is the Township going to repay the sewer customers who were solely responsible for building the sewer surplus in the first place? Why have they been forced to subsidize the rest of the town ?...steve h.... The Mayor responded that, " From 2007 - 2011, all of the taxpayers had to subsidize that fund because there wasn’t enough money being generated. We now have rates that have returned the sewer utility to ‘self-funding’ as required. Nontheless, we charge the lowest amount in the Bayshore region for sewer costs to our residents." Mayor Impreveduto essentially reversed the question ... completely ignoring that his administration and HIS step lock voting majority since 2007 were responsible for draining the sewer surplus / the cushion for maintenance and repairs to the sewer system that the sewer users paid for. That surplus would have been available to cover the recent sewer surplus shortage if he and Mayor DiMaso hadn't forced the sewer users to subsidize the rest of the township in the first place for the Township Committee's budget short falls by spending what they did not have in the first place Are Holmdel residents are unable to see through this double-talk? Maybe he really believes that he really can fool all of the people all of the time.
steve h May 30, 2012 at 07:00 AM
Mayor Impreveduto also chose to ignore and not address .... "Will the Holmdel Township code that mandates property owners to hook up to sewers (at their own expense) if a sewer main runs past their property be amended to relieve property owners of this mandated financial obligation? If not what is the cost to the property owner to remove their septic system, install pumps, repair / mitigate construction disturbances to properties, etc.? Will a lien be placed on property owners that cannot afford the sewer line installation costs?" The voting majority of the 2012 Township Committee simply has not provided full disclosure to property owners including the true cost of sewering unsewered areas of our town.
steve h May 30, 2012 at 07:01 AM
The Mayor's response to, "What happened to all the protest petitions that were submitted to the DEP in opposition to the Deep's plans to extend sewer service areas to PNC Arts Center and Alcatel Lucent?" -- Steve h.....that. "They are in the hands of the DEP. We expect an announcement from them in coming months," is totally unacceptable. 100s of Holmdel residents and taxpayers signed protests to the DEP's mandated expansion of sewer service areas. These petitions were also submitted to the Holmdel Township clerk as a protest. These petitions were submitted to the DEP last fall when Holmdel Mayor Impreveduto stood before the DEP and over 100 of his constituents to profess on the record his opposition to the DEP forcing sewer lines on property owners. Our taxpayer paid for professionals, engineer and attorney, also testified in opposition to sewer expansion. How in any realm of reality can our Planning Board, Township Committee voting majority, attorney and engineer now reverse history and say that sewering Lucent is consistent with our town's Master Plan? What the heck is wrong with this picture? This is simply mind blowing.
steve h May 30, 2012 at 07:02 AM
The DEP also wants to sewer the PNS Arts Center. If sewering is continued to be promoted and condoned by the majority rule of our Township Committee, PNC will expect the same and undoubtedly follow. Many newcomers do not know about the battles back in the late '80s and early '90s to oppose the Parkway's efforts for total ingress and egress of Parkway exit 116 in the heart of our school district. Our Governor has made it clear that selling off public property is a definite possibility and effective way to reconcile his budget short falls (maybe this is where the Township Committee voting majority got the idea to sell off public property). Can you imagine the PNC's 100s of acres being flipped for a mall on the Parkway or another Woodbridge office megaplex? Does a RTE 35 type zoning next to and down the street from our schools appeal to you?
steve h May 30, 2012 at 07:04 AM
Finally, what some seem to dismiss as extremism, are the concerns for the Holmdel portion of the Swimming River Reservoir, what was once considered a Planning Area 5, environmentally sensitive and low growth under the State Development and Redevelopment Plan. There were decades, years of studies, that went into determining this area as a critical water supply area. If the reader truly cares about the future of Holmdel, the legacy that NJ leaves to their children and grandchildren check out River pumping proposal sparks North Jersey water war "Lower flows can also cause a rise in water temperature, which would lower oxygen levels and threaten fish, Galster said. ...“If you lose oxygen in the water, any aquatic system can have a fish kill, and that can lead to decaying fish, human health and aesthetic issues,” said Galster. http://www.northjersey.com/news/bergen/052712_Pumping_proposal_sparks_North_Jersey_water_war.html
steve h May 30, 2012 at 07:05 AM
To keep it simple...properly operating septics (that the town is responsible to oversee), recharge and recycle ground and surface waters' base flow to our County's water supply, the Swimming Reservoir. Southwest of the Holmdel Parkway ridge (and Colts Neck as well) provides the watershed ( catch basin ) for that water supply. Impervious coverage from increased denser development in the watershed obstructs, prevents natural recharge and replenishment. Sewers take what was replenished and recharged by septics and private wells and channels it to the ocean, draining the watershed, drastically reducing the base flow. Of course the water companies would like to get rid of septics and private wells. More water to be used to flush and wash with and charge for. Of course the water companies do not care if they have to use more chemicals or if there is less supply. The water companies are not nonprofit benevolent entities. The more development, the more customers and the higher rates users will pay for the quality and quantity of yours' and your kids' potable water.
steve h May 30, 2012 at 07:06 AM
I appreciate the Patch giving Holmdel's Mayor the opportunity to respond to many concerns voiced by Holmdel residents and to provide the forum for these issues. I also appreciate the time the Mayor took to attempt to answer the questions summarized by the Patch staff. However, I am very disappointed in the Mayor's lack of specificity and what appears to be opinion without actually citing the factual basis for and identifying the source of his opinions. Be careful what you wish for Holmdel.
Joni Charles June 22, 2012 at 03:11 PM
If the TC meetings are broadcast on Comcast, someone should be able to tell us what channel and time they are being broadcast. No one at town hall appears to know and no one I know has ever been able to find them. I know I can't.
Sean T. Dowd June 22, 2012 at 03:46 PM
I believe in order to get that question answered it may need to be put on the official docket and, if history has taught us anything, it will take the strong Republican majority to get it done.


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