Shredding Truck, Overwhelmed, Leaves Holmdel Early

County's free shredding event a crazy success in Holmdel

Last year, the Holmdel paper shredding event sponsored by the county ended normally. Some recall the truck left half-full, having performed its service to the citizens. 

This year in Holmdel, fuggedaboutit. An hour before it was scheduled to be over at 1 p.m. Sunday, the overwhelmed shredding truck high-tailed it out of the Holmdel High School parking lot, brimming with the failed efforts of the paperless society. There would be no more shredding on this day. 

I was among the crestfallen, arriving daringly late 12:45 p.m. to find Recycling Coordinator Barbara Kovelesky standing in the middle of the parking lot. My father, who had been there around 10 a.m., had assured me there was no line, no big deal.

"But, I sputtered, incredulous at the thought of returning home with the packed bins in my back seat, "I have all this stuff!"

I had finally come to terms with letting go of my 2008 Kohl's receipts, the 16-page detailed Verizon bills from the days before cell phones, and the old checkbook carbon copy registers. Hey, I see those cable-TV shows. I know the signs. 

With sympathy, Kovelesky said she had already turned away 25 to 30 people just like me. A woman ahead who had already gotten the bad news was making a U-turn and recognized my look of crushing disappointment. 

 "Me too!" she shouted. "Me too! Me too!"


The next paper shredding events are scheduled for June. Arrive early!  

  • Saturday, June 4 – Spring Lake Heights Elementary School, 1110Hwy. 71 (entrance is on Brighton Avenue)
  • Saturday, June 18 – Millstone, Wagner Farm Sports Complex, corner of Baird and Woodville roads
Lynn May 23, 2011 at 11:16 AM
I guess we have lots to shred/hide in Holmdel? Reminds me of the movie Boiler Room.
lisaschier May 23, 2011 at 12:13 PM
I was there at 8:45 and already there were 12 cars in line. It was hard getting rid of all of those pre-school thru 2nd grade papers and art projects..


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