Sections of Route 35 to be Resurfaced in Aberdeen, Keyport & Old Bridge

Several other sections in Monmouth and Middlesex counties will be resurfaced by the NJ Department of Transportation

The NJ Department of Transportation (NJDOT) will conduct resurfacing and roadway repair on several sections of pavement on Route 35 between South Amboy in Middlesex County and Middletown in Monmouth County, according to a press release. 

On the southbound side, the project includes the area south of Route 36 interchange in Keyport to Hazlet Avenue in Hazlet and the area north of Prospect Avenue in Aberdeen to the Matawan Creek bridge at the Keyport/Aberdeen border. On both the southbound and northbound sides, the project will include the area between the Cheesequake Creek bridge and Birchwood Drive/Raritan Avenue in Old Bridge.

NJDOT's contractor, Joseph DeFino Trucking Co., is scheduled to start preliminary construction activities starting this week in Old Bridge and will continue to work southward, the release explained. Preliminary construction activities include site mobilization, joint-cutting and resetting manhole covers.

Mainline milling and paving work is expected to begin this fall. According to the NJDOT, work requiring single-lane closures will be performed during overnight hours to help minimize traffic impacts on Route 35, a highway that is heavily traveled. Access to all businesses and residences along the state highway will be maintained throughout construction, NJDOT said.

The goal of the project is to improve motorist safety and extend the pavement lifespan along the full width of the roadway at each location, including all travel lanes, turn lanes, shoulders and median openings, according to the press release.

The NJDOT explained they also plan to upgrade signage, roadway striping and guide rail as needed. New image detection cameras will be installed at certain intersections to replace the existing, underground loop detectors. According to NJDOT, these cameras are linked to traffic signals and help maximize the capacity of Route 35.

According to the press release, the $3.9 million project was designed by NJDOT engineers. Construction is scheduled for completion in spring 2013, however the precise timing of work is subject to change due to weather and other factors.

Below is a complete list of where NJDOT will mill and repave Route 35:

Route 35 northbound:

  • from the vicinity of Ann Court in Hazlet (milepost 42.6) to just north of Prospect Avenue in Aberdeen (milepost 44.48).
  • from Birchwood Drive/Raritan Blvd (milepost 45.7) to south of the Cheesequake Creek bridge in Old Bridge (milepost 47).
  • from south of Morgan Avenue in Sayreville (milepost 47.4) to the Route 9 merge in South Amboy (milepost 49.35).

Route 35 southbound:

  • from the vicinity of Union Avenue/Centerville Road in Holmdel (milepost 40.7) to Cherry Tree Farm Road in Middletown (milepost 39.4)
  • from south of the Route 36 interchange in Keyport (milepost 43.3) to Hazlet Avenue in Hazlet (milepost 42.3)
  • from north of Prospect Avenue in Aberdeen (milepost 44.48) to the Matawan Creek bridge at the Keyport/Aberdeen border (milepost 44.25).
  • from south of the Cheesequake Creek bridge (milepost 47) to Birchwood Drive/Raritan Blvd in Old Bridge (milepost 45.7).  
Herky August 06, 2012 at 02:24 PM
Chelsea: I guess you aren't familar with the area, I am talking about 50 feet of paving beteen the South and North bound lanes, It is in the area of the listed work to be done, But some how the always seem to miss that turn around. You have GOOD contacts, Ask Mr.Robert Clifton our area representative.
Greg August 06, 2012 at 06:11 PM
They should have budgeted in some extra dollars to raise the height of the roadway on 35 North/South at Whale Creek, the constant flooding causes far more delays in traffic that the in-road loop triggered traffic signals... Just saying
dakota August 06, 2012 at 11:47 PM
RT 35 from south amboy to keyport is worse than third world country goat trails!
Fkae Nmae August 07, 2012 at 05:40 AM
Maybe work in a way to raise the stretch of 35 @ the dip midway between County Rd and Cliffwood Ave. A resurfaced highway is useless when its flooded.
Paul M August 09, 2012 at 06:49 AM
Why does it say 34 in the first paragraph if it is 35? Why waste time with these while the real problem 35 S by County Road continues to flood?


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