Rumson, Fair Haven Elections 2012

One polling place open in each municipality. Sea Bright residents are voting at the Fair Haven Firehouse. Check back for updates and tonight for full results!

In spite of Hurricane Sandy, polling places for the 2012 Presidential election are packed in Rumson and Fair Haven.

With displaced Sea Bright residents voting at the Fair Haven Firehouse, people at the poll check-in said that there was a steady stream of voters in and out all day so far.

At the Youth Center, the only polling place open to Fair Haven voters, cars lined the streets for blocks. "It has been a proud moment for Fair Haven," Mayor Ben Lucarelli said. "Despite all this adversity, there has been a steady stream of people going to the polls to vote. Seeing all those people out and voting is really a great sight."

And, in Rumson, at its only polling place at Forrestdale School, the parking lot was filled to capacity, with cars overflowing into the streets. (See attached photos.) Polls are open until 6 p.m.

Voters are going to the polls today to select a variety of candidates for local, county, state and national offices. Click on the links below for more information about the individual candidates and each race.

And check back here for updates and full results after polls close.


Rumson voters have choices to make for local and regional school boards as well as Borough Council.

are opening on the Rumson Board of Education, as is one, unexpired two-year term. Incumbents Margaret Simons, Alitia Faccone and John Connors look to retain their seats with challenger Bill Loughran seeking a full term. 

Incumbent Maura Beyer, who was appointed in September to the seat vacated by former board member Colleen Hodge, seeks to finish the two-year term but faces a challenge from Russell Binns.

The Rumson representatives on the Rumson-Fair Haven Regional school board are running uncontested. James Wassel and Teresa Liccardi are on the ballot for a one-year unexpired term and a full, three-year term, respectively.

Finally, incumbent Borough Council members Mark Rubin and Frank Shanley seek re-election with a challenge from lone Democrat Philip Wagner.

Fair Haven

Fair Haven Mayor Ben Lucarelli is unopposed in his quest to finish the unexpired term of former Mayor Michael Halfacre, which runs through 2014.

Additionally, four residents vie for two Borough Council seats.

Incumbent Republicans Eric Jaeger and Robert Marchese seek to continue their service but face challenges from Democrats Susan O'Brien and Dorothy Neceda for three-year seats on the governing body.

The Fair Haven Board of Education race is unopposed, with incumbent Mark Mancuso and newcomers Randi Walker and Tracy Rehder seeking full, three-year seats. Incumbent Michael Bernstein seeks re-election to a one-year, unexpired term.

The Fair Haven representatives on the Rumson-Fair Haven Regional Board of Education also are running unopposed, as incumbents Meaghan Ladd and Sarah Maris seek three-year terms.

Stephen1521 November 06, 2012 at 12:25 PM
Have not seen much in our time of need from our ELECTED officials in the Borough of Rumson, if there was ever a time for true leadership this is it Cannot say enough about our Police, FD, EMS and Public Works! These men and women have been the best! My heart felt appreciation to you all!
Amanda Janister November 06, 2012 at 07:22 PM
Would you like them to come over and kiss your baby? Wake up fool, they are working.
Stephen1521 November 07, 2012 at 04:55 PM
At times like this, we see the best in people and ,sadly, the worst. Your sarcastic comment and name calling is proof of the worst in ppl. Our home has been deemed uninhabitable and we lost everything on our first floor including photos and videos of our children and our families and friends. What gets us through this devastating event is the kindness of our families, friends and many strangers included. My husband is frustrated, as are many in our neighborhood, regarding a lack of information and a lack of a town meeting from our elected officials. I sincerely hope you are not in a situation such as ours and I hope you never will be. The DPW and the Police Dept have been amazing and we are thankful for their professionalism and perseverance through this nightmare. As I am not one to normally comment on our personal problems publicly,, I do wish to thank you for prompting a response from me tto thank all of the understanding and amazingly kind people, family, friends and strangers who are rising to the occasion to help. As for comment regarding our elected officials stopping by to kiss my babies, as u so warmly stated, you are welcome to come by and kiss something and its not my babies. Sincerely, Ann Marie Littlefield
Kathleen O'Brien November 08, 2012 at 02:32 AM
Hey Amanda, nice compassion!


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