A Clue to What Alcatel-Lucent's New Buyer is Proposing?

A company spokeswoman refers to ideas in a 2009 township document.

When asked what the new potential buyer has in mind for the Lucent-Alcatel tract on Crawfords Corner Road in Holmdel, Lucent-Alcatel spokeswoman Mary Ward said she was bound by confidentiality agreements and would not comment.

But she did mention a certain township document that might hold a clue.

"We are not commenting on the plans this purchaser has for the property other than to say that we believe the new purchaser’s plan is closer to what was advocated in the REVA report commissioned by the town of Holmdel," said Ward in an emailed statement to Patch on Thursday.

The REVA report is a 10-page document produced for the Holmdel Township Committee in January 2009 by REVA Partners Beth Gorin and Steve Monetti. It includes some recommended uses for the property. (A copy of the report in PDF format is attached to this article.)

The Holmdel Township Mayor and Deputy Mayor say they have been told the potential buyer has some retail, sports fields and some kind of athletic center in mind. One Township Committeeman said the concept includes golf.

Several of the REVA Partners recommendations mention related uses in the report. 

Among the recommendations is a private 18-hole golf course with private homes buffering the golf course on 4-5 acres of property,  a state-of-the-art equestrian center, 150 age-restricted homes, a township office center, community center with amphitheater, medical offices, retail, movie studio, and multi-use synthetic playing fields.

REVA Partners envisioned a walking trail/running path to run along the property's edge and potentially continue along the brook.

"It is Reva Partners opinion that most of the 473 acres remain accesible to the entire Holmdel community to enjoy as parks, ball fields and open space."

Despite what is in the report, and who eventually buys the property, the township has final say on how the property is used, said Deputy Mayor Serena DiMaso on Thursday. The township is finalizing its redevelopment report, which, for example, will not permit large housing development.

Roberta November 05, 2011 at 07:36 AM
So now we are going to have "150 detached homes" spewed across the landscape--this is what the faulty REVA Report suggested.... This report has no legal standing and was not professionally prepared. It was nothing more than a series of interviews with various people, including TC members of the current majority party, and contains no financial data or analysis. Roberta
Jennifer November 05, 2011 at 12:42 PM
We wi have to see the eventual plan. But if a religious group gets ahold of that property, they can sue under the Religious land use and institutionalized persons act to increase the density of the housing. Since both parties are on record saying that the property once accommodated 6,000 people a day, AND since the entire tract is now open to sewering our worst case looks like this: religious entity creates community center and private school, house of worship, sues for multifamily housing. Town now has to pay for sewer hookups and road widening, no impact on schools AT first since all kids will attend private religious school, but they will endorse candidates and seek seTs on the TC and the school board and eventually starve the public schools of revenue while voting for increased density on every available tract of land. That is much worse than higher taxes
Jennifer November 05, 2011 at 12:48 PM
I would rather welcome ( hopefully less than) 100 new families to our public schools , if they, like the rest of us, value the school system and the quality of life here, than open the door to new neighbors who don't want to join our community, because they already have one of their own. Anything on that property should be part of the Holmdel community.
Tony Orsini November 05, 2011 at 08:36 PM
What "religious group," Jennifer? We're talking Somerset Development, a group of investors-developers whose prime goal is profit. I get the feeling I'm on Mr. Toad's Wild Ride of tangential discussion. My bottom line is that once again the issue has been politicized, which is why we're getting nowhere. If anyone believes some sports enterprise is going to pay more, impact less, and make a profit, I'd have to say, for lack of specifics, which will apparently will not be forthcoming, it's delusional. If I'm wrong, I'll pit on a wig and a cheerleaders dress and do cartwheels from one end of Lucent to the other.
Carol Beckenstein November 07, 2011 at 02:10 PM
Re: Jennifer (NO LAST NAME???) exuding hysteria about her "worst case:" a religious community - Jews?? Moslems?? Amish?? - taking over Lucent, the Township Committee, the schools (and eventually the world!) HER ATTITUDE is MUCH MORE SCARY and DETRIMENTAL to her perceived "Holmdel community" than ANYTHING else; she is apparently a bigot and a bit of a coward in her anonymity. My understanding, like Tony's, is that Somerset is not a "religious group" but a company that wishes to make money and LOTS of it...like any other company. With this sports proposal in the air, Somerset (according to all the articles) is backing away from purchasing the property and basically waiting in the wings, should this new proposal fail. I think that Tony is right, despite the fact that I would LOVE to see him do cartwheels across Lucent. : )


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