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Letter: Holmdel Will Miss Larry Fink

Margaret Cluskey of Holmdel offers her thoughts on Fink's decision not to run again for a seat on the Township Committee.


I am sad that Holmdel Township Committeeman Larry Fink will not be seeking re-election next year.  I applaud Larry’s unwavering dedication to Holmdel for the past twelve years.

Larry, as the only Democrat, has often been a lone voice on the Republican-controlled Committee. He was instrumental in halting the majority’s recent proposal to sell preserved land at Cross Farms.

Over the years, he has pushed to trim our municipal budget in a responsible way.

Although many of his ideas were not heeded by the Republicans, some were adopted. Had they not been, our recent 10% municipal tax hike would have been much higher.

I am concerned that Larry’s imminent departure from the Committee can potentially give us a one-party governing body.

We will lose the different viewpoints from both parties that force discussion and strengthen our government.

That is why I am giving my vote to Democrats Larry Luttrell and Mark Levinson for Township Committee.

They have legal and business experience that will be beneficial to our town.  More important, they will bring the checks and balances that government always needs.

Both Larry Luttrell and Mark Levinson have large shoes to fill but I am confident they can do it.  

Richard ScottoLavino September 24, 2012 at 03:53 AM
Nathan, Like it or not, this was not the place to put political things, it was a place to that a man for his years of service, no matter what Nick .. Or Mr. Anonymous as we shall call him.
Richard ScottoLavino September 24, 2012 at 03:55 AM
Nick, If you would like ot have a full discussion on policies, Please let's do, Lets start with continued over spending for 6 years, with a full republican majority. Over spending and bleeding the pool club, teh sewer fund, using every penny of an interest payment allowed... ENough.. Stop talking 10 years ago, Or shall we talk about the republicans that were found to be corrupt and that is why the democrats won for a few years... Hmm or will we just forget that part of recent history.
Richard ScottoLavino September 24, 2012 at 03:56 AM
I agree, and no matter which side of the fence, it would be nie to see what teh candidates would have to say. Maybe they can be convinced to have a debate ad let teh public see the differences for themselves.
Richard ScottoLavino September 24, 2012 at 04:00 AM
Nick, I am not sure you understand the point. Where are teh tea party republicans screaming, We are bringing in 17 Million dollars for the town and spending 20 Million. We have been doing so for more then the last 5 years, Each of which has a republican majority. The Bayonet farm land is a treasure to ur town, our prooperty values, THose Fohos people you so distain have spent TOns of money upgrading that property to the point where the barns are Reserved for weddings almost every weekend. Please.. The facts, Just the facts. And that is my full real name there, Not a fake one.
Steve Strickland September 25, 2012 at 04:22 AM
Sleepy Holmdel had about 39 people on the Police payroll in 2011, all but 6 of whom made over $100k in salary. How many more of your tax dollars do you think need to go to Police protection? (from what?) I wish I had the PBA negotiating my salary contract... And lets put some facts out there. The Democrats had a majority on the TC during 2003-2005 and *my* municipal taxes went up 5%, 7%, and 2%. Republicans controlled the TC in 2002 and 2006-2012 and *my* muni taxes went up 19%, 3%, -1%, 5%, 11%,14%,5%, and 12.2%. But don't believe me, see what happened with *your* taxes. Then tell me who did a better job. PS In calculating the tax hike this year, remember to include the new County Health Tax that we pay because the town outsourced the health dept to the county. You'll get a 12.2% increase, not the widely-reported 10.2.


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