UPDATE: Holmdel Declares "Local Disaster Emergency" Ahead of Storm

Emergency services "preparing for the worst" said Mayor Patrick Impreveduto.

On Sunday, Holmdel Mayor Patrick Impreveduto said everything is in place for the township to deal as best it can with the potential mayhem of Hurricane Irene. 

A water truck to dispense non-potable water is stationed at Cross Farm Park. Volunteer Fire and EMS workers are scheduled on round-the-clock shifts, at multiple locations. Barricades are stored at certain flood-prone roads, like sections of Middletown Road, Crawfords Corner Road and Middle Road in case they are quickly needed to divert traffic from dangerous areas. Cots are set up at Town Hall so on-duty Police and Town Hall staff can work through the storm and keep their families close, if desired. 

In a message to residents today, he asked citizens to refrain from calling police for storm-related updates, power outage information or any other non-emergency situation. The Office of Emergency Management will take important phone calls at 732-946-1770.

The mayor asked if he was worried. "I am," he said Sunday morning. "I was not this worried with Irene. I hope my worry if for naught. But anytime you have the lives of 19,000 people in your hands, you worry."

He said he met Sunday morning at 9 a.m. with a dozen senior citizens at a complex on Crape Myrtle, off Holmdel Road, to reassure them that the township emergency workers will be supportive in case power goes out. "They seem to be pretty resilient," he said, laughing. "That was comforting to me, as well." 

Mayor Impreveduto said he will update residents through Holmdel-Hazlet Patch during the storm. 


Saturday, Oct. 27:

Mayor Patrick Impreveduto spent Saturday meeting with county and township leaders, and urging citizens to do what they can to brace themselves for Hurricane Sandy significant sustained winds, rain and potential power outages. 

"Anyone concerned about their safety should make alternative living arrangements," the mayor said Saturday. 

At 8 p.m. Saturday, a state of emergency was declared in the township by the Office of Emergency Management's Michael Simpson. The declaration permits the office to put the emergency operation plan into effect, empowers Police Chief John Mioduszewski to direct the department to set up detours, divert traffic and remove parked or abandoned cars at owners expense, and allows the OEM Coordinator to "utilize and employ all available resources of the Municipal government, and to commandeer and utilize any personal services and any privately owned property necessary to protect against this emergency." 

On Sunday, DPW workers will be setting up barricades to keep motorists away from low lying streets that tend to flood, said Mayor Patrick Impreveduto. 

There are plans to provide non-potable water for households that lose power. A truck will be set up at Cross Farm Park, and the mayor will release more details on Sunday. 

With the memory of prolonged power outages still fresh in memory from Hurricane Irene, the mayor spoke with Holmdel's JCP&L's representative. "He wanted to assure me, because I was an outspoken critic last time, he will do everything in his power to help. But people have to realize they will take care of evacuated areas first. And they will not be working the storm, it's too dangerous with the high winds." 

"I believe we are really prepared, and residents will have to be patient. This is not something we are used to. But we will be there for them." 

Town Hall will be closed for business on Monday and Tuesday. The public school district will be closed on Monday.

john boyd October 28, 2012 at 04:19 PM
Thank You Mayor for daily updates. Holmdel has the utmost confidence in you. Glad you are in charge.
Homedel October 29, 2012 at 12:05 PM
But the holmdel board of ed shut down the hs as a shelter for everyone since last years irene. Where do our residents go now??? Hopefullu holmdel oem overrides their decision.
George F October 29, 2012 at 12:29 PM
Why are you so glad he's in charge? What did he do? Leaves are blocking all the drains in our neighborhood....where's the dpw? There are election signs all over the place, why aren't they being removed?


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