Hazlet's Little Library Bridge Is Closed

Combination of deterioration and vandalism closes the pedestrian bridge linking a parking lot and library.

The little pedestrian bridge that links an overflow parking lot to the library and police/court complex on Middle Road is out of service. 

For now, people have to take a detour out to the sidewalks to enter the township buildings, or park on the other side of the library. 

While the bridge deck itself is sound, the guardrails that were connected to concrete curbing have weathered and deteriorated over time. The township had inspected the bridge a month ago and DPW had planned repairs, said Township Administrator Dennis Pino.

Yellow tape was strung across the entrance. "The patrons are very disappointed it was closed off," said Library Director Diana Zambrano.    

But then something happened to made it worse. 

"Someone over the weekend had pushed the guardrails into the creek. Not only that, but they took one of the aluminum handrails," he said.

He guessed the value of the handrail is only a few dollars. 

Police Chief James Broderick acknowledged there could have been vandalism but there were no witnesses and there is no police investigation in the matter. 

The bridge was build in 1975, when the library was constructed, said Broderick. 


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