BRSA Takes Down Wind Turbine Construction Crane, Plans to Ask Appellate Court to Reconsider

After the appellate court ruled that the BRSA needs local approval for variances and must take down their construction equipment, the sewerage company is asking them to reconsider

The Bayshore Regional Sewerage Authority will ask the NJ Appellate Court to reconsider in favor of the Union Beach Planning Board, according to a report by The Independent.

On Aug. 10, the New Jersey Superior Court Appellate Division that the must seek site plan approval from the Union Beach Planning Board before finishing construction of .

The BRSA is a government agency that handles the raw sewage of eight towns, by transporting, treating and disposing it, and discharging cleaned water into the Raritan Bay. The authority performs this service for Union Beach, Holmdel, Keyport, Hazlet, Keansburg, Matawan, Aberdeen and parts of Marlboro. The authority bills the municipalities, which in turn bill the households hooked up to the system via sewer rates.

In 2009, the BRSA announced plans to build a wind turbine as an alternative energy source to help power the sewerage Plant. BRSA Executive Director Robert Fischer that the turbine, if built, would generate about 50% of the power needed. Last year power to run the plant cost about $800,000, he said.

The BRSA began construction after winning a case against the Union Beach Planning Board in April 2011. Union Beach appealed the trial court ruling.

In July 2012, the appellate court ordering the BRSA to stop construction and remove construction materials, including the 270-foot crane that would have been used to assemble the pieces of the turbine. The injunction came before the wind turbine components were set to be delivered.

The Asbury Park Press reports that the BRSA plans to ask the Union Beach Planning Board to fix what the trial court ruled was an error on the zoning map, which places the authority's property in a residential area.

The appellate court did not rule as to whether or not the zoning map was flawed, however they left the map to be reviewed and decided on by Union Beach. As a result, the BRSA must now seek site plan approval from the planning board for the wind turbine.

Aside from legal fees, the construction of the wind turbine has been a costly project.

In December 2011, the BRSA approved in available funds for unforeseen expenses related to the project. Conti of Edison, the company contracted by the BRSA to complete the transportation and assembly of the turbine, was originally alotted $343,000. However, expenses resulting from delay costs, such as storing the , and permitting costs, such as engineers working to for approval, were higher than the BRSA anticipated.

According to a report in the Asbury Park Press today, the crane that was going to be used to assemble the turbine costs $150,000 per month. It was put up on July 18, the report states, and is in the process of being removed. The crane was only one of two needed to fully assemble the turbine.

The Union Beach Planning Board will meet on Aug. 29 at 7:30 p.m. at 650 Poole Avenue in Union Beach, according to the borough's website.

E Z Monn September 28, 2012 at 03:37 PM
Not just trying...I am making noise. The noise I'm making rings true unlike your misrepresentations and deception. You are right in regard to the fact the court did rule. It ruled the zoning maps were flawed. However the appellate did not rule on this at all. They sent it back to the individuals who created this mess in the first place...planning/zoning board. You're right again in that the board will rule against BRSA simply because, with the exception of a couple of the members, they are not strong minded individuals who can think for themselves and will do what they are intimidated or told to do. You have the "explaining" part of your comment bass akwards. It will be the Borough of Union Beach that must explain all the additional expense and delayed savings to 22,000 ratepayers after the turbine in constructed. The corruption you speak of lies totally at the door of the governing body of Union Beach. The zoning maps were altered. Who did it and why? I can't put it more simply then that. If you have proof of corruption Lou on the part of BRSA, why isn't it in the courts? Give us some names, dates, times and places. You can't can you? Just another slanderous remark to divert responsibility. Keep at it Bill jr. maybe one day you'll be president of the Union Beach EnvironMENTAL Trust. I understand no experience is necessary.
E Z Monn September 28, 2012 at 06:10 PM
Hey Walter...glad you're ok. Heard you were institutionalized for a spell. Are you out on a supervised release??? As far as getting a hobby Walter I found one. Driving you insane! Lovein it. Thank you. If your going to be the spelling police please use proper sentence structure. What does "where are is your backup" mean. No habla crazy. Don't think the tutor will be necessary but if you want to donate the money to my favorite charity, Deborah Heart and Lung Hospital, that would be appreciated. I in turn will donate to whatever institution is currently treating you. Let me know. To the editor. If your going to pull my responce to this guy again pull Mr Whites also. He went on the attack. I simply responded in kind and you saw fit to leave his remarks and remove mine a few days ago. I do hope you're not descriminatiing against one side on this issue.
Marco Oldhafer September 29, 2012 at 01:21 PM
EZ Monn you say you could not make the meeting because you have a full time job and and and ??? There have been fifty meetings what about them ???? You have hours and hours to write all this information on a blog!!!! Also do research on where I work, my hobbies and how fast I drive. You are one scary individual!!!!. When this is over please do not introduce yourself to me I have no desire to meet you!!! If you just had enough guts to speak in public for what you belive in I would respect you and not call you a coward. We all put ourselves out there for what we believe and you hide. I call that a coward if you have another name for it please let me know I will never say it again. With all this said and another five minutes wasted on you, no matter what you say or write I will never answer you on this or any other blog again because you are not worth the effort :/ Enjoy losing the fight
E Z Monn October 03, 2012 at 02:57 PM
What's wrong Mr Oldhefer you seem perplexed. A lot of question marks and exclamation points. Something bothering you. haha. Where Mr Oldhefer did I say I never attended a meeting? Have attended two of them. One at BRSA where the police had to be summoned in order to control the animal like behavior of your fellow anti-turbine foul mouthed Bill Heller bottom feeders. The other was a council meeting a couple years back when a tape was being made to send to the DEP protesting the project. Funny how all the anti turbine nuts knew this was happening but those in favor of the turbine were never notified. How did that happen. You walked right passed me on that occasion. I was standing at the entrance of the council chambers. You arrived a little late and sat front row left. Remember??? You say it takes you 5 minutes to waste your time and post. That hardly adds up to hours and hours that you claim I spend bloging. Takes 5 minutes. Your words not mine. Researched you???The Times article told everyone where you lived so I went to verify your view. You veiw and the picture in the Times is a total and complete fabgrication of the truth. You drive a giant yellow bus. Can't miss it. That's researching you??? wrong again lol. You want me to come to meeting but when I offer to meet with you one on one when this issue is over you reject that offer. Apparently, the only way you wish to deal with me is in a public forum. Why Mr Oldhefer??? Need help??? -continued-
E Z Monn October 03, 2012 at 03:13 PM
Hmmm... so who is really the coward??? What a joke. As far as your not responding to anything I post any longer...who cares? I accomplished what I set out to do. No one can ever believe a word "YOU" post from this point on. Me a scary individual? I'm not the one driving a school bus down Union ave 15mph over the posted speed limit. Now that's scary!!! SAVE OUR CHILDREN" Losing the fight???The fight has just begun and the truth is on my side. The mayor and council have been exposed as far as the zoning maps are concerned. The mayor has his picture taken next to a mock up turbine and Andreuzzi says he wanted one in Hazlet a few years back. Liars always lose. I know you received orders from Heller to stop responding to my posts. I have no further use for you anyway. You are dissmissed.


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