Boro Resumes Trash Schedule, but Not Recycling

Point Boro First Aid needs ice and milk


Point Borough released the following information on its Facebook page on Friday afternoon, including that trash collection has resumed its normal schedule, but recycling collections are still suspended.

Information about those collections, longer recycling center hours and many other items are included in the full text of the statement below. "Like" the Borough Facebook page to follow updates.

Borough Police Chief Larry Williams is urging the public to not call Borough police unless the matter is a true police emergency. He said calls about power outages, trash and recycling collection, school schedules and other matters should not be made to police.


We recommend those in need of disaster assistance contact FEMA immediately at DisasterAssistance.gov or 800-621-3362.

Power is coming on around town intermittently and stores are opening intermittently.

The Borough’s water supply is clean and plentiful.

State law is that if a traffic light is out, the intersection becomes a four-way stop.

There is a supply station for Borough residents in need, under the tent in the Police Station parking lot, with help from the Red Cross and National Guard. They have water, food and other supplies.

First Aid needs ice and milk. Any donations of supplies can be brought either to the First Aid building on Beaver Dam Road or to the Police supply tent next to the Police Station.

Curbside pickup of recycling is suspended until November 12th. Recycling can be brought to the Recycling Center (behind Stop and Shop) which is open 7 days a week. Electronics, including TVs can be brought to the recycling center.

Curbside brush collection is suspended until further notice. Brush no larger than 3 inches in diameter may be brought the recycling center. The Borough is unable to process brush or trees larger than 3 inches in diameter, and homeowners must contact a tree service to remove larger items.

Keep storm debris and household garbage off of the streets, please keep it contained on your yard at the curb line.

Curbside collection of garbage is resuming immediately, on the normal schedule. Please remember only regular household trash will be collected. No lumber, construction materials, electronics or brush should be mixed with household trash.

The Borough is creating trash collection sites at Maple Avenue, across from the Little League field, and at the Recycling Center behind Stop and Shop. Bulk items (i.e. sofas, carpets, etc) and household trash will be accepted. No lumber, wood or construction material accepted; electronics are accepted at the Recycling Center. These are open to Point Pleasant Borough residents only, and proof of residency will be required. They will be open from 8AM to 4PM seven days a week as long as they are needed.

The Borough will also collect bulk items curbside starting Monday, November 5th. Again, no lumber, brush, electronics or construction materials. Collection will be 7:30AM to 4PM Monday-Friday and 7:30AM to Noon Saturday. Collection will proceed in this order: Section 3,2,4,1,5.

Please separate out any metal items as they will be collected must be segregated from other trash.

4th Quarter Taxes due November 1st may be paid without interest until 4pm Tuesday, November 13th. After that date interest will be charged according to law.

Contact your insurance company
Contact FEMA at DisasterAssistance.gov or 800-621-3362.
Take multiple photographs
Before starting any repair work, apply for the necessary permits at the Borough Hall Construction Office.

The curfew is lifted, although we recommend residents remain at home and off the roads after dark.

Sale of alcohol may resume at 4 p.m. today (Fri. Nov. 2).

toni depaola November 03, 2012 at 12:56 AM
I would like to thank our wonderful department of public works employees who were the first to respond. They have been working tirelessly, taking time from their own families to keep us safe. Thanks also to OEM, fire, police and first aid and all the wonderful volunteers and business owners who donated so much. Thank you.
john knipe November 03, 2012 at 01:22 AM
I also agree with Toni Depaola. Great Job Our DPW , Police ,Fire,First Aid, Oem ... and families and neighbors who help each other ! You guys and gals are awesome ! and thats why I love living and keeping my kids safe in our town! A HUGE THANKYOU FROM THE KNIPE FAMILY.
BoroMom November 03, 2012 at 02:53 AM
yeah, it was all nice until our Mayor decided to open bars in town. People are hurting and in the dark but he thought letting the bars open was a good idea? So out of touch with what is happening.!
frank November 03, 2012 at 02:52 PM
We're open at the Purple Iris Flower Shop on Rt 88 in Pt Pleasant come in and charge your phone, have a cup of coffee or just get warm.
Kathy Bottone November 03, 2012 at 08:03 PM
Anyone know anything about mail delivery? It's been sporadic at best. None here on Monday or Tuesday yes on Wednesday & Thursday nothing Friday & nothing so far today.


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