Report of Patient Identity Theft at Bayshore Community Hospital

Holmdel Police investigate a case connected to a weeklong visit to the hospital.

The following information was obtained from a Holmdel Police report.

Last week, a woman opened her mail to find a bill from Bayshore Community Hospital in Holmdel. The bill was for surgery and a five day stay on Floor 3 East the last week in April – without medical insurance coverage.

But the woman knew nothing about it. She had been at work that week, and could prove it.

A few phone calls later, and it became clear that somebody else had used her identity to get medical services. The imposter provided the hospital her maiden name, her address, and even listed her actual brother and his phone number as an emergency contact.

Holmdel Police Ptl. William Bernard is investigating the case.

Editor's note, 9am May 11: An early version of this story said there had been an arrest made in the case. Police have not yet made an arrest. A spokesperson for Meridian Health said the amount of the bill was $22,000, not $44,000 as stated in the Holmdel police report.


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