Power is Out in Woodbridge: Sewaren Hit Hardest by Storm Surge

Hurricane Sandy's winds knocked out trees and blacked out township.

The "storm of the century" has come and gone, causing widespread damage throughout Woodbridge township and leaving almost all of the 100,000 township residents without power.

"Woodbridge is pitch black," Woodbridge Township Police Lieutenant Wayne Russo said. "Hurricane Sandy completely knocked out power. The power is out all around town."

The lights went out in town hall before the backup generator kicked in and police lost radio communications for 20 minutes, Russo said. Trees were down all around town hall and a 40-foot section of metal roof was ripped off the building by the hurricane.

According to Russo, trees were uprooted; huge branches were strewn all across the roadways. In some parts of town, cars were crushed. About 200 people, including Woodbridge residents were evacuated to the Woodbridge Community Center which is a regional emergency center for the area. About 80 people from Sayreville were rehoused at the community center because of the hurricane, Russo said.

All parts of the township were equally battered but none as badly as Sewaren. The entire marina in Sewaren was destroyed by the storm surge. "I heard that all the boats are gone," Russo said.

By the Pirate's Cove section of Cliff Road, boats were washed onto the roadway. Russo said one boat was supposedly standing on its end.

Homeowners in parts of Sewaren were evacuated because of the storm surge. Police have cordoned off all access to Sewaren.

Miraculously, there were no serious injuries from the storm, Russo said. PSE&G has said it may take from two to seven days -- or longer -- to fully restore power to Woodbridge.

Lynn K. Loyd contributed to this story. The story will be updated as soon as possible. For more information, visit the woodbridge.patch.com website or leave comments on the site.


Klink October 30, 2012 at 01:24 PM
Any timtetable on Woodbridge power restoration? Hours or days? Seems like all the transformers in town blew up.


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