Holmdel Police Blotter: Thefts from Kohl's, A&P and at Petsmart

Sneakers, Levi's, and shopping carts full of food are reported stolen in the pre- Hurricane Sandy crime blotter.

The following information was released by Holmdel Police on Nov. 12. An arrest does not indicate a conviction. Unless noted, all were taken to police headquarters, processed and released with a court date

Oct. 24: Aaron Newson, 19, of Lawrence Ave. in Keansburg was charged with shoplifting a fleece pullover and wallet, valued at a total of $68, from Kohl's in Holmdel. Newson had allegedly tried to exit the store with the pullover wrapped around his leg, under his pants, and the wallet in his pocket. He was arrested by Sgt. Michael Hughes. 

Oct. 24: Police arrested two people for shoplifting sneakers from Kohl's, which was reported to police after an employee located an empty shoe box with a pair of wire cutters inside and alerted security, which reviewed in-house tape and identified who the male and female suspects were, exiting the store.

Michael Moran, 28, of Kettle Creek Road in Toms River was charged with stealing a pair of Nike sneakers valued at $90. Police say he tried to remove the inventory device from the sneaker with the wire cutter tool, but cut his hand, and exited the store with one sneaker. He was charged with shoplifting, possessing and anti-shoplifting device in the store and violating a new township ordinance called Interference with Retail or Wholesale Business Practices. 

Allison Hornig, 28, of Fairview Drive in Middletown had put on a pair of Sketchers, valued at $60, that Moran had successfully separated from the electronic tag, according to police. She was charged with shopflifting and violation of the same township ordinance.  

Oct. 25: Samuel Otchere Amoako, 54, of Munn Ave. in East Orange was arrested for shoplifting at Kohl's and resisting arrest by physical force. According to police, Amoako had fled from the loss prevention officer at Kohl's and ran towards Route 35 and Union Avenue. Ptl. John O. Maguire Jr. and Sgt. Vincent Imperato caught up with him and had to struggle to restrain him, according to their report, which also notes he had no shoes.

Store security told Holmdel Police Amoako stole from Kohl's the day before. Over the two days, he allegedly took four pairs of Levi's Jeans, a t-shirt, a knit-shirt and socks, valued at $318. 

Police also determined the Ghana native had overstayed a May 2011 visa, and alerted immigration officials. 

He was taken to the Monmouth County Correctional Facility. Cash bail was set at $3,000 by Judge John Colaninno. 

Oct. 26: Police received a report of the theft of two carts full of groceries from the A&P Fresh store in Holmdel. Witnesses saw a man and a woman in their 20s walk out of the store with grocery store items and toss them into the backseat of a small gold-colored vehicle. When a store representative approached, another male, the driver, took off on Route 35 North with the man and woman. The value of the items are unknown.  

Oct. 27: A change purse containing $75 was stolen from a purse at Petsmart in Holmdel. The purse had been stored on a shelf in one of the aisles by an independent contractor working in the store, who retrieved the purse an hour later and realized the purse inside was gone. 

Oct. 29: Michael Esposito, 38, of Stillwell Road in Holmdel was charged by Ptl. Jonathan Martin around 6 p.m. with operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol, and reckless driving. He was stopped at Red Hill Road and Barrister. 

Dorian Yates November 13, 2012 at 12:20 PM
The change purse was not stolen. (a) who has a "change purse" with $75 in it (b) who stores it on a shelf in a pet store?
Amanda November 14, 2012 at 06:11 AM


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