Holmdel Neighborhood Watch Celebrates 20th Anniversary

Police rely on the help of concerned citizens to keep Holmdel as safe and secure as possible.

The Holmdel Police Department is celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the Neighborhood Watch, and sent the following press release to encourage residents to join.

The Holmdel Police Department is taking this opportunity to remind everyone that while the shopping season is a great time of year, there is often an increase in crime during this busy time.  Shopping and parties, added to all your normal commitments, mean that homes are unoccupied and more vulnerable. 

As you have seen and heard from countless media reports, no town is immune from crime.  Although, the Holmdel Police take great pride in keeping Holmdel a safe place to live and work, no police department can do it alone.  Police rely on the help of concerned citizens like you, to keep Holmdel as safe and secure as possible.  

As the Holmdel Police Department celebrates our 20th anniversary of our Neighborhood Watch Program we would like to remind everyone of the following.  The role of a Neighborhood Watch Member is to:

  • Be alert to (and properly report) “suspicious” activity in your neighborhood.
  • Cooperate with neighbors in paying attention to their homes as well.
  • Improve home security – by conducting a security survey through a self-analysis or by having the police department do it; then taking steps to comply with the survey recommendations.

We encourage our residents to become involved in Neighborhood Watch.  Currently we have 60 groups comprised of 1,000 families.  We welcome all of our residents to join, we could never have too many participating in the program. 

It’s a very simple concept.  The Police make you aware of incidents and issues that can effect you and your family.  You be a good neighbor, stay alert to those issues, and report suspicious incidents when you see them. 

Most people fail to call because they are not aware that seemingly innocent activities may not be so innocent.  Others may notice suspicious activity but are hesitant to call for fear of seeming like a “nosy neighbor” if their suspicions prove to be unfounded.  Still others take it for granted that “someone else” will call. 

Police encourage you to call immediately about all suspicious activity.  And, think instead about what could happen if you don’t act.

No place is crime free.  Citizens must realize that fact and take steps to reduce their chances of becoming a victim.  Lock your doors, use lighting, and (if you have one) use your alarm. 

Holmdel is a great place to live and work.  And, with your help, we can keep it that way.  Your willingness to get involved could save a life, prevent an injury, or stop a criminal act.

If anyone is interested in learning more about Neighborhood Watch, becoming a member of an existing group, or starting up a new one in your own neighborhood, please contact Lt. Michael Pigott at 732-946-9690 or email at mpigott@holmdelpolice.org.  


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