Hazlet Township Offices to Open, State Offices Closed

Road crews are still working on roads. Contact the the Police Department if you have problems.

The Hazlet Township Police Department has posted a storm update on its Facebook Page.

According to the Police Department, while area schools are closed, the Hazlet municipal offices have a two-hour delay. All state agencies are closed today, including the Hazlet MVC Agency in Airport Plaza and the Superior Courts in Freehold.

Also, make sure you remove our car from the roads. Police began issuing warnings to vehicles left on the streets last night.

Here is the Facebook message.

  1. Public Works crews worked through the night opening up all streets. There are still crews out there working and they will be until all streets are clear from curb to curb. If by some chance your street was not done fully, please call Public Works at 732-787-3636. Do not post on the police  departments Facebook page.
  2. Hazlet Schools are closed, as well as neighboring schools that our residents may attend (SJV, Mater Dei, CBA,). 
  3. Use caution driving. Temperatures are in the teens which means that the chemicals that road crews use to melt ice are not as effective as they would normally be. You will be driving on ice and snow covered roads for the next several days. Take ir slow going to work and give yourself plenty of time.
  4. Hazlet Township Municipal Offices are on a delayed opening today. Offices will be open at 10 a.m. 
  5. All NJ State Offices are CLOSED today. This means that the Hazlet MVC Agency in Airport Plaza is closed as well as the Superior Courts in Freehold.
  6. As you start clearing your driveway today, please do not throw the snow onto the plowed streets.
  7. Patrol units starting issuing warnings and tickets overnight to vehicles that were left on public streets, continuing what was started yesterday. If you observe vehicles on your street that were not moved, you can call HQ at 732-264-6565 and patrols will check on them. DO NOT POST ON THIS PAGE.
  8. Thank you to all township residents that made the effort to get their vehicles off of the streets. You made the work of the plow operators and the police department much easier.
  9. Thank you also to all our volunteer First Aid members and Firemen that spent the night at their stations, in order to be ready to respond if needed to any emergency.


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