Hazlet Police Ask For Cooperation in Snow Removal

The Hazlet Police Department is asking that residents keep cars off the roads to make way for plows, and to stay home unless you otherwise have to leave.

The Hazlet Township Police Department is offering some tips on how to deal with the significant snowfall we’re expected to see in the area.

Here is a post from the department’s Facebook page.

If you can believe the weatherman, we are going to see significant snowfall today. We are asking for your cooperation on the following items:

  1. Please remove all vehicles from streets. Township ordinance prohibits parking on public streets during snow. The last thing we want to do is to ticket or tow vehicles belonging to residents, but if these vehicles interfere with plowing operations, we will have no choice.
  2. Be patient on plowing operations. There are over 400 miles of public roadways within Hazlet Township. Plows may not get to your street as fast as you would like, but they will get there eventually. 
  3. Do not throw snow back into the street after plows have passed. Township ordinance prohibits throwing snow onto cleared streets.
  4. Let the snowplow operators do their jobs. They will be working long hours over the next day or two to keep our roads safe. They follow a set plan in clearing streets (main roads first, emergency vehicle routes, access to fire stations and EMS buildings, etc.). Do not interfere with them when they are clearing your street. 
  5. Stay off the roads unless you absolutely have to go out. 
  6. Relax and enjoy the weather and look forward to July when you will be complaining about 100 degree heat.


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