Hazlet Firemen Going All Day, All Night

Chief Murray, one of Hazlet's Fire Dept.'s three chiefs, said his team is working tirelessly to assist Hazlet and its beleaguered Bayshore neighbors.

Hazlet Firemen have responded to countless calls for assistance, from everything to carbon monoxide trouble alerts to securing the scenes around fallen trees to assisting the over-stressed Union Beach Fire Department with supplies for equipment and help battling a structure fire Wednesday. 

For days now, shifts of local men have been sleeping in cots, stealing winks between calls. Their food supplies are winding down, but not their spirit of volunteerism.

"We've been working tirelessly -- 48 to 72 hours shifts--  since the beginning of this storm," said Hazlet Fire Company Chief #1 Tim Murray, from the firehouse on Holmdel Road Wednesday afternoon. "I feel the men are doing a great job, giving up time with their own families."

Chief Murray asked residents to be mindful of a few concerns: 

  • Treat every wire like it is a live one. Do not touch! 
  • Placing a generator too close to a house can cause CO2 alarms insided to activate.
  • Be careful refilling a hot generator that has been running a long time. The exhaust can ignite spilled gasoline. 
  • Do not leave candles unattended. 
b. d. November 01, 2012 at 12:37 AM
Does the fire dept remove downed trees on top of wires? We have a lot of those just in our neighborhood. Been trying to call local #'s for help and no one can tell me anything. Worried and cold w no power. Where is jcp&l??
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