Bear Update: No Additional Sightings Reported

Police have upped patrols in the north Wall neighborhood where two residents reported seeing a bear Wednesday

A bear sighted Wednesday night around a North Wall neighborhood has not been seen since, but police have increased their patrols in the area, authorities said Thursday.

Two witnesses reported seeing a 4-foot tall bear with black fur near the North Wall Little League fields around 5:15 Wednesday. Five officers conducted a search of the area but found no bear, Sgt. Steven Wolter said.

About two weeks ago another resident also reported seeing a bear in the neighborhood, which is near a wooded area.

Although bear sightings are rare, the township is considered bear habitat by the state Division of Fish & Game, Wolter said.

If a bear is considered a nuisance, it would be tranquilized and relocated by Fish & Game, Wolter said. But so far, no additional sightings have been reported, he said.

Most bears will naturally shy away from people, Wolter said. If you encounter a bear, do not approach it but contact police immediately at (732) 449-4500.

Marty October 18, 2012 at 10:46 PM
You know why the Wall Police didn't find it? Because they most likely weren't looking for it. If you truly knew how this department works, their all talk...
Guntoter66 October 19, 2012 at 11:48 AM
@ Marty. First your grammar is bad. The word should be "they're". Secondly, next time you have an emergency, call an "Occupier", or move. I've been in Wall for over 40 years and have always had the Wall P.D. prove to be responsive and professional' even when I was stopped . Go spread your B/S elsewhere.
m October 19, 2012 at 05:17 PM
@Marty know your facts before you speak. The police were out looking for the bear. I saw them at about 6:15 at the Little League Field and wondered what they were doing. I don't know why you would think they weren't. Every time I have needed them they have been more then helpful and responded right away.


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