Say Goodbye to Roe - Thanks to OUR Congressman Chris Smith

It is determined that a Women's Right to Choose, as we know it will be gone by this time next year. How did that happen?  We voted for it or didn't vote at all.  http://www.economist.com/blogs/democracyinamerica/2014/01/abortion-politics     Our Congressman in District 4 NJ, Chris Smith, has lead the Congressional assault onRoe v Wade.  As the Chair of the Congressional Pro Life Caucus, Smith has dedicated his life andcareer to  abolish Roe.  Smith is also anti  Birth Control of ANY kind - including the BirthControl Pill which he refers to as "Baby Pesticide."  Smith is considered extreme and fanatical.  Smith has lead the crusade on Women's Rights. He is the author and sponsor the HR3 Bill which redefines Rape to Forcible Rape.  HR3 empowers rapists and leaves women vulnerable. He also voted against the Violence Against Women's Act in 2013. Smith's HR7 Bill , which he wrote and sponsored, greatly impacts Roe on the National Level. HR7 overwhelmingly passed through Congress earlier this year. The Senate is the only thing  that is stopping Smith's legislation from becoming the law of the land. If the election goes as expected, Roe will be gone by this time next year. We can stop the assault on Roe by knowing who are Congressman is and knowing their voting record.  LOCAL GOVERNMENTIS GOVERNMENT.  It is Congress that write and implement our laws and they are supposed to coincide with the public.  There is an irony to the fact that a socially progressive district like D4 NJ has harbored and aided the most notorious anti woman Congressman since the inception of Roe v Wade.  His obsession with a Women's Right to Choose and Birth Control Rights has impacted his ability to govern.  If you value your write to choose, Vote in the NOVEMBER MID TERM ELECTION.  


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