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Hurricane Irene: Tops in Tape

A post Irene evaluative stroll around Red Bank reveals the best and worst in preventative window taping.

With only a handful of days and then hours before Irene hit, stores and even homes all around town, and all along the coast, started madly taping their windows. 

No one seemed to know which tape was best, but area stores sold a lot of the stuff...mostly blue painter's tape. I suspect it's because most were expecting the best, but casually preparing for the worst. And the blue stuff is the most easily removed. Duct seems better suited to keeping it together, but the clean up could be a hassle. 

In the end...it was apparent a lot of people just used what they had in the drawer or in the storage closet. And after all of that...as it was reported on Patch and on many other news services...tape is a waste of time when preparing for calamity.  It's wood, they say, that truly does the job. 

But since we were so fortunate and since there was so little damage associated with Irene...we can take a more fun look at the tale of the tape...the styles and designs of prevention and care or lack thereof. 

Without any set rules on how-to-tape people just kinda went for it. Many in our area were notable...some were laughable, but all were players in Hurricane Irene's: Tops in Tape. 

Gen Cunningham August 30, 2011 at 03:48 PM
I vote for Senor Peppers! Everything should be symmetrical in my book!!
Marjorie Smith August 31, 2011 at 12:51 AM
My vote goes to Senor Pepper too! I like the symmetrical look. The comic relief of the jeweler is notable and definitely rates. I'm glad I don't have to clean the windows.


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