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Another Victim of Superstorm Sandy Fall's Through The Cracks Of The System

The man pictured below is a 73 year old gentleman who's life was devastated like many others on the night of 10/29/2012. He was a victim of Superstorm Sandy. He was and still is a resident of Union Beach NJ, which suffered some of the worst damage. With the help from FEMA, he was able to repair
some of the damage to his home, but not to replace any of the necessities nor finish repairs. Having no further options he used ALL of his life savings to attempt to continue to his
live life after Sandy. He receives a small amount from social security monthly, which barely covers his medical needs, utilities and food. On February 21, 2014  he received a letter from the Boro of Union Beach.The letter states
that if he doesn't pay in full by March 7th 2014 his home will be up for tax sale.Due to the stress of the storm and exhausting all of his
savings he was not able to pay  his taxes. This gentleman  has has been a resident in Union Beach living in the same house for twenty five years. This man has worked his entire life and always paid his taxes  but do to these horrible circumstances was unable to get money or an extension to do so . I am
writing to ask for everyone's help! His home has been  paid off  and after one storm, everything he has worked extremely hard for all of his life is going to be taken away without your help. I  am posting this for a friend of his that had similar circumstances she was helped out and was able to get back on her feet and now is trying to help one of her neighbors before it is to late.But it seems this gentleman fell through the cracks when other families were getting assistance he was missed.His friend  has  personally contacted every agency and recieved numbers for from 211, and also contacted FEMA on his behalf.The programs are a lengthy process to receive any grants, either that or  the programs have already expired. PLEASE HELP Thank you in advance!! here is the link to where you can help save this man's home!


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