I live in Holmdel and there is no possible way one fire department could handle the entire area effectively. What would happen if a commercial building caught fire as well as a residential property across town? How could anyone who lives in Holmdel feel comfortable with having one fire department? Who does that make sense too?
Educated Firefighter April 18, 2014 at 07:08 PM
To be honest im not sure but i believe there is 1or 2
mark murphy April 19, 2014 at 04:07 PM
why was Holmdel fire co.#1 facebook page shut down?
RC7730 April 20, 2014 at 08:26 AM
Do the people on the toll road GSP know if they get into and accident someone may or may not come? Do they know that they will probably get a bunch individuals that cannot efficiently get you out of the car on time? Ever go to one of these fires that people are speaking of? Response times? Ha, go buy a scannr for $99 and listen to the first, second, third calls for help then a surrounding town, what if it was your loved one. The days of the 1800's ring the bell and hope they come are over. Time to get NJ to stop taking advantage of these "volunteers" to save taxpayer money. Most people will never need the services of the fire department, or first aid for that matter. Time to set up a county fire system, that have paid career professionals, that train on a normal basis, do not have a "bar in quartters" and a bunch of kids sleeping over. Time to get real about emergency services. I have had the experience of one or two of these encounters, time to pressure the state law makers to create a state and county wide response system. Leaving at the local end of it you will get what you are getting in Holmdel. Some political riff or vendetta. Why close a firehouse that Holmdel doesn't own? That was maintained by donations and the volunteers that "worked" there. Listen I a m not bashing the spirit of a volunteer or the time they give up, but I know for every ten there may be one that will be able to perforrm at a level that will make a life saving decision in a working fire, or have the knowledge to extricate you from a vehicle, not to mention are the tools started, and tested twice a day to make sure they are ready for us like a paid service? Its sad the public has no idea, or know better. Because of they did, and they knew what happened if they have to call, or if they really need that help, what realls happens. All the other talk is BS. You know how much money would be saved by setting up a countywide system that meets NFPA guidelines, and could relocate other companies if others are working at a call? Is there a needs for the millions of dollars of equipment in towns? Do you know one small monmouth county town has 8 apparatus and is one square mile? Stop the days of the "social" club, and start the days of a real paid statewide service because there are less and less gardens in the garden state and a lot more cars and people.
Martin B. Brilliant April 21, 2014 at 01:20 PM
Thanks, RC7730, for your comments. With all due respect for our many well trained and competent volunteers, we might well be better off with a state or county paid professional emergency service. But it will never happen until the tax resisters realize that you can't get what you don't pay for. That said, the real estate tax is unfair, inequitable, inefficient and unmanageable. We need to pay more income tax and less property tax.


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