Jan. 15 Deadline To File A Property Tax Appeal in Monmouth

The new Jan. 15 deadline, for all towns except Rumson, is a departure from the traditional April 1 deadline.

The deadline to file a property tax appeal used to be April 1. 

But be aware that has changed in 2014. The new filing deadline for property owners in Monmouth County is now Wednesday, Jan. 15, except for property owners in Rumson, who have until Jan. 24 due to the date their assessment postcards were mailed out. 

The reason for the change is because the Monmouth County Board of Taxation and the Monmouth County Assessors are joining the state's 2014 Assessment Demonstration Program, signed into law last March by Gov. Chris Christie. 

Property owners who believe their property has an assessed value that is unreasonable compared to a market value standard can file on the county's Appeal Filing System. At this stage, all you need is your address, a proposal of what you think your assessment should be, and a $30 credit card payment.

By law, a current assessment is assumed to be correct. A taxpayer who files an appeal must prove it is inappropriate by submitting recent comparable sales data. But that information is not required until later in the process. 

There is also a wealth of information about property tax appeals on the county Tax Board's homepage.


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