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Who Wants Your Recyclables? Check This List

By Holmdel Green Team Chair Betsy Wilson.

Most Holmdel residents have been very good about recycling. Cardboard, mixed paper, bottles and cans are being put out curbside or taken to the bins at Public Works. Holmdel got $30,000 for our recyclables in one year.

It is mandatory to recycle the above items. (If a summons is issued, a court appearance is required, with a possible fine of $200. Ouch!)

You’d be surprised to learn how much of the other stuff you don’t want anymore can be put to good use or recycled.

Here’s a partial but growing list of places for: 

BATTERIES (rechargeable)- Best Buy, Lowes, Home Depot, Holmdel Fire Co., or Town Hall

BOOKS – The Holmdel Library will take the latest releases.  The American Association of University Women takes hard and soft-cover books, records, books on tape, CDs and DVDs.  (They do not take texts, encyclopedias, magazines, or books in poor condition or which have been written in. You can pull the covers off of these and recycle the pages with your mixed paper.)  AAUW is at 69 Kings Highway, Middletown, in the lower level of Old First Church.  They collect on Thursdays from 10 - 12 p.m., and on Saturdays from 10 p.m. to 1 a.m.

CLOTHING- Drop off clothes anytime at the bins in front of K-Mart or Lowe’s.


COMPUTERS, monitors, , keyboards, mice, fax machines, printers- Holmdel has a special bin for these things at the Public Works recycling area on Crawfords Corner Road, across from Ondrush Farm.

EYEGLASSES- Dr.Buchman’s Vision Care at 55A Rte. 34, at the light north of Deer Path.  The specs go to New Eyes for the Needy.

LEAVES- The town picks them up a few times a year.  Better yet, make your own compost pile 3’x3’x3’.  It will decay on it’s own, and the resulting humus makes a great addition to your garden soil.

SCRAP METAL- You may recycle this at Large Item Drop-off.  For free pickup of metals (washing machines, grills, bikes, etc.), phone (732) 284-0175.  This is done by a college student from Colts Neck who is studying ecology.

MOTOR OIL- Any gas station that services cars, such as B & G Gulf at Holmdel and Bethany Rds., is required to take old oil.

#5 PLASTIC (yogurt, cottage cheese, sour cream containers)- Whole Foods recycles these.

PLASTIC BAGS- Dearborn, Pathmark, A&P, Whole Foods. Shop Rite even pays you 5c for the bags you reuse there.

PLASTIC FLOWER POTS- Dearborn Market (Rte. 35 and Centerville) collects these. Their bins are back behind the store, which you can drive to from the road next to their loading dock.  Lowe’s recycles flower pots, too.

Working REFRIGERATORS and FREEZERS – Phone (877) 270-3520 for a free pick-up.  They will pay you $50 besides.

RUBBER BANDS- the post office

STYROFOAM PEANUTS- UPS Store (Rte. 35 and Harmony Rd.) or Staples (Rte 35 and Hazlet Ave.)

There are several charities which pick up a wide variety of items once a month or so.  They then auction off the items to thrift stores such as Goodwill.  The stuff gets a new home, and the proceeds go to the charities.

BIG BROTHERS BIG SISTERS - (877) 336-8828 or njpickup.org

LUPUS FOUNDATION - (888) 445-8787  Doesn’t take leather, upholstered furniture, mattresses, office furniture, washers, driers, or fridges

WAR VETERANS COUNCIL  (888) 821-8982  Doesn’t take upholstered furniture, mattresses or major appliances.

LARGE ITEM DROP OFF at our Public Works sells its collection to the benefit of our town.

You can give away stuff yourself via : the FREE STUFF column in Holmdel Happenings.  Email: avamend@aol.com


FREECYCLE at freecycle.org You can give away upholstered furniture, mattresses and just about anything else.

Jeff Gollin January 10, 2012 at 02:40 PM
Very helpful article - A major ongoing challenge is uncluttering our garage and/or basement appropriately.
Christina Johnson (Editor) January 10, 2012 at 02:59 PM
Goodwill takes kids' used car seats! While putting away the Christmas stuff I yanked six of them out of the attic, for all different ages. Goodwill's super convenient drive-thru is on Route 35 North and Cliffwood Ave in Cliffwood, next to Wawa. Just drive up, drop off, take away a receipt for taxes.
Mischa January 02, 2013 at 02:28 PM
Thank you for the info. The only problem I have with putting good clothing in bins is that I heard they are recycled and used for rags. Lunch Break is a very good worthy organization in Red Bank who assists our local folks with daily meals, lunch bags, and clothing for free. I usually give all of my gently used clothing and shoes to them.


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