Weather Forecast: From Natural Disasters to Natural Beauty

This week's weather promises more sunshine and fewer surprises

In the past two weeks our area has been clobbered by a hurricane and a Nor'easter that brought plenty of snow to cover the ground and make a mess of the roads. This week the National Weather Service is predicting we get a break from the drama. 

Much like yesterday today looks to start with fog settling over the area before it clears up with a high of 63 degrees. Rain is likely to fall tonight as the temperature dips into the 50's and the wetness will continue through Tuesday and the high will stay close to 50 degrees.

By Tuesday night the rain should clear for the rest of the week but the temperature will dip down to 35 before rising back up near 49 degrees during the day on Wednesday. 

Wednesday night looks to be a brisk low of around 37 before rising back up to a high of 51 on a mostly sunny day. The forecast for the rest of the weekend looks to be about the same and there is no more rain in the forecast until at least next week. 


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