Saint John Vianney High School Student Debuts Film, “Choices”

Senior Michael Marchese stories about teenage life.

An announcement from Saint John Vianney High School:

Saint John Vianney High School debuted its first full length film, “Choices.” “Choices” was written and directed by senior Michael Marchese.

The film follows the daily struggles of a teenager dealing with a troubled home life, peer pressure and the struggles of high school. When the teen’s life begins to spiral out of control because of bad decisions, he finds faith in a local youth group with help of a teacher. During his journey to find faith and make things right in his life he must choose which path to take and which path to leave behind.

The movie is PG-13 and the runtime is 2 hours. Tickets were sold for $5 each and 20% of the proceeds will go to the charity “Raising Hope for Others.”

 “Choices” original score was created by teacher and technology assistant, Tom McKenna and lyrics were written by Michael Marchese. Cast members included students, teachers and SJV alum.


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