Winners in Dearborn's Sunday Gravy Cooking Challenge to Benefit Bridges Outreach

Judge Kathy Logan, of Bridges, begins to taste the sauces
Judge Kathy Logan, of Bridges, begins to taste the sauces
At our market, we call it “Sunday Gravy” - a homemade tomato meat sauce that has been passed down in our family for generations and remembered best on Sunday’s when our family enjoys it together over a large bowl of pasta!

Last Sunday 1/26, participants put their Sunday Gravy recipe to the test, and at the same time, helped us raise funds for Bridges Outreach, a local organization that brings food and clothing to the homeless and displaced in our area.

Their homemade recipe was tasted by all and judged by our panel of foodies: Frank Luccarelli, President of Dearborn; Kathy Logan, of Bridges Outreach; Anna Perry, of Anna’s Italian Kitchen in Middletown.

The winner received a $100 Dearborn Market Gift Card, an official Trophy and their winning recipe will be featured in our March Alamanc! Congratulations to the winners in our Sunday Gravy Cooking Challenge yesterday! All participants did a fantastic job and helped us raise a lot of money for Bridges Outreach!

- 1st Place Winner: Gloria Arcuri with her "Siciliano Sugo Con Carne di Gloria

- 2nd Place Winner: Lori Carscadden with her "Sunday Poultry Gravy" (gluten & dairy free)

- 3rd Place Winner: Joseph Bove with his "Assunta Maddalena's Gravy Recipe"
Customer Choice Award: Gloria Arcuri


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