Young Israel of Aberdeen Donates Menorah to Lloyd Road Firehouse

The Aberdeen Fire Hose & Chemical Co. is displaying the menorah on their front lawn through Hanukkah.

Congregation Bet Tefilah, also known as Young Israel of Aberdeen, donated a six-foot menorah to the Aberdeen Fire Hose & Chemical Co. just in time for the first night of Hanukkah.

The menorah is on display on the Lloyd Road lawn of the firehouse and one bulb is lit each night as the Festival Of Lights continues.

The donation came after a member of the fire department asked Young Israel of Aberdeen for a small menorah to display in their window, explained congregant Yechiel David. 

"We figured we would build a nice one, a big one," said David. "Every day they actually risk their lives to save us and we appreciate them. And during Hurricane Sandy, they were there for us. So I give them credit. It's a present from our temple to the fire department."

David built the menorah and fellow congregant Alon Regev, who is also a firefighter in Aberdeen, did the electrical work for it. 

Young Israel of Aberdeen Rabbi Chaim Lobel emphasized that the temple was happy to provide the fire department with a menorah to display this holiday season.

"We live in a very diverse culture where we are Americans first. Being able to portray different cultures amongst the community shows that we are Americans first. Especially after Hurricane Sandy and constant events throughout our country's history, we are always able to come close together and look at ourselves as people first," he said. 

Susan Bergman December 12, 2012 at 07:13 PM
It is a wonderfull presentation that should be around for many years to come. Thank you.
Gayle Jackson December 12, 2012 at 08:40 PM
"We live in a very diverse culture where we are Americans first. Being able to portray different cultures amongst the community shows that we are Americans first.".... Young Israel of Aberdeen Rabbi Chaim Lobel Sounds wonderful, portraying different cultures, but where is the Nativity? It might be nice if Aberdeen Twp DID portray all the different cultures. There is now this Menorah in front of the Fire House, as well as one in front of township hall. Both are Religious as well as cultural symbols which I believe are being displayed on government land. Where is the portraying of other cultures, as well as religions by the township? So again, I ask..where is the Nativity scene? Will there be a Kinara, the candle holder for Kwanzaa? Would this firehouse accept a donated Nativity, a donated Kinara? And display them? Will there be a candle lighting ceremony at Twp Hall for Kwanzaa? I think it is right for the Twp to portray the different cultures and religions of its citizens and communities, but only if it is doing so for ALL its citizens and communities. By doing for some and not others can only cause hard feelings and division, which is not good, especially at this time of year where customarily we show good will to all.
Chelsea Naso December 12, 2012 at 09:45 PM
Both the firehouse and the Township building have a Christmas tree as well as other Christian holiday symbols. They also have a Christmas decoration on the lawn facing Church Street. The Township also held a Holiday Fest on Dec. 6 that marked all winter holidays. There was previously no menorah at the firehouse. I do not know whether or not Kwanzaa is represented with decorations at either building.
batman December 15, 2012 at 05:13 AM
i agree maybee you should get involved in the township join a committe. it is easy for people to comlain about everything.


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