With Tornado Watch In Effect, Phish Fans Fly

The party of all parties this summer turned out to be a wash-out.

With legendary party band Phish in town, fans of the band figured the only liquid pouring down their faces would be beer.

“Beer and rain don’t mix, man. But rain tastes much better with it," said self-proclaimed Phish fanatic who gave his name as Paul. His cohorts all cheered at his statement.

As the rain poured and the lightning lit up the cloudy skies, fans who got there early before the concert started at 8 p.m. were forced to do one of many options: jump inside their cars, throw on some ponchos and wait out the storm, or walk around unfazed by the storm.

Steve C. from Marlboro was “bummed” by the rain. “This is the one concert we wait for year round. Us Phish fans get one time a year to really party like we were in college,” he added.

Each time the weather seemed to clear up and the rain would stop, more thunder and lightning would creep up and pour some more rain on everyone.

What should have been the party of all parties this summer turned out to be a total wash-out.

PNC Bank Arts Center was filled with plenty of empty parking lots, unheard of at a Phish show.

While fish can swim through the rain soaked parking lot, these Phish fans were floundered by the floods.

Score one for mother nature. Zero for the fans.

bud June 02, 2011 at 03:39 AM
Thank you Mother Nature!!! The cultural index increased dramatically due to your efforts! Can you do this again next year?
gurb June 02, 2011 at 10:45 PM
I think the police presence was what put a damper on things. It didn't actually rain that much.


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