Star Ledger: Holmdel M.D. Called 'A Danger to the Public' by State

Roger Lallemand Jr., who was recently approved to sell medical marijuana, is coming under scrutiny by state officials.

UPDATE: Lallemand agreed to a license supension amid charges. Read the May 9 story on nj.com.

Just a month after Holmdel resident Dr. Roger Lallemand Jr. received special permission to be one of a small number of doctors statewide approved to prescribe medical marijuana, his practices have come under question by the attorney general's office, says the Star Ledger. 

In a front page report in the May 6 Sunday Star-Ledger, the newspaper describes a complaint filed last week with the state Board of Medical Examiners, in which Lallemand is said to have written thousands of prescriptions for powerful painkillers when not medically necessary. In some cases, the  complaint states, when there was clear evidence the patients were selling or trading the pills.

Lallemand is expected to appear Wednesday before the Board in Trenton to address an undercover investigation by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, according to the Star Ledger.

Roger Lallemand, M.D.  of Holmdel, practices in Old Bridge, Asbury Park and Keyport with Healthpoint Medical Group.

Click here to read the full story and complaint on NJ.com.

Peter Naughton February 15, 2013 at 10:46 PM
This is a man who on a sunday opened his surgery center called in staff t give me an epidural shot because I was in so much pain that my BP was off the chart and I couldn't walk without screaming, couldn't get in any position without being in an amount of pain that was unimaginable. This Dr. performed this procedure knowing he would never be paid for it because it has to be pre approved. If he hadn't interceded I would have been in emergency surgery getting 4 discs fused. Thats what the ortho at Jersey Shore Me wanted to do. Dr Lallamand knew I didn't want that operation unless we ran out of options.
Peter Naughton February 15, 2013 at 10:47 PM
What he did saved me from a horrible surgery that rarely has a good out come. He didn't get a dime for it. He had to pay his Nurse his tech and his anethstesiologist. By the next day I had some relief. A week later I had major relief. He has successfully been able to keep my quality of life at a level superior to any other Dr I've been to see. He also helped me dodge a surgery that I don't want to get until the rate of success and the methods improve. So before you go calling the man a criminal. and I remind you he is NOT under indictment, maybe you could consider the timing of the action and the fact that the Star Ledger never used the term alleged. That paper interviewed me and several other patients who had positive things to say and declined to print any of them. In fact the reporters were working closely with the DOJ. DR L was given only three days to mount a defense so obviously he opted to turn in his lic. until he could put together a proper defense but the truth of the matter is that the state doesn't want any of these drugs prescribed for any reason. T
Peter Naughton February 15, 2013 at 10:47 PM
they harrass the pharmacists, patients and Drs to the point where no doctors want to practice pain management in this state. I happen to be one of the afor mentioned junkies because I require these mds to live anything close to a normal life. My MRI. Discography, Melegrams and other tests all bear this out and every DR I've seen agrees that I require this treatment. Before long I expect I will not be able to get it because some people abuse these drugs. I don't yet I'm being punished for their actions. I got these injuries putting out a fire in the course of my job and having a building collapse on my head. I guess that makes me a pill head. Perhaps some of you people calling Dr Lallamand a criminal which is something he has not even been accused of except by some of you. If the DEA had a case they would have prosecuted by now and they haven't, and calling me a pill head because I require medications that others seem to have a problem with the meds I take might consider some of what I've written and STFU until you have some clue what and who you are talking about. Or not whatever you like.
Mike Mondano March 16, 2013 at 05:56 PM
I know what constant pain feels like....many of you are lucky enough not to....now the dr. will give you meds if you ask for them because he is a PAIN MANAGEMENT DR. and what works for you may be advil or something much stronger so the guidelines are in place to keep things legit and maybe some dr.s give you a few chances if your urine test is wrong...just to be sure it wasn't a false positive but there is worse out there than this guy...You are the one going and asking for it so why blame him?
Surviving March 27, 2013 at 10:35 PM
Former patient need a new doctor. Dr L was great helped me so much. Anyone know of a good doctor in the area It seems Old Bridge office is closed


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