Fair Haven Riverfront Sandy Recovery

Debris is being removed as it washes up; NJ DEP to provide guidance on debris removal from water.

Things are looking good with each day in the post-Hurricane Sandy era along the Navesink River in Fair Haven.

A $90,000 fix is in the works for the Fair Haven Dock; and officials have targeted a reopening for May as warm weather starts to set in.

There was one piece of the dock sitting on a resident's lawn that is being removed. And downed signage by the dock has been removed. New fencing, closing off the area to cars has been installed by the Fair Haven Fire Police.

All the boats that washed up on shore and were wedged by the water's tumultuous tide in the storm have been taken down and returned to rightful owners. Broken private docks have been or are being repaired.

And much debris has been removed from the waterfront. "As it's been washing up people have been getting it onto the street for pick-up," Mayor Ben Lucarelli said. "They've been very helpful and there's really been a visible difference."

Now, however, Administrator Theresa Casagrande had advised, per an edict from the NJ Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), that DEP officials will be working with waterfront municipalities on proper removal of debris from waterways, as toxins may be involved.

Some boats, cars and other massive debris was washed into the Navesink and Shrewsbury River from local as well as surronding municipalities and the DEP advises that proper procedure must be adhered to in order to ensure safe, ecologically responsible removal.

Take a look at the above photos to see the progress made.


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