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Holmdel First Aid, Report To Your Station for a Clean-Up

Volunteers swarm the building to root out quirky remnants of the June 12 garage sale still lurking within.

In June, the Holmdel First Aid squad held a monster garage sale at the Crawfords Corner Station, with thousands of eclectic items donated by residents. It was a huge, festive success that netted the squad $8,000 in a single day. 

Anything that was not bought or donated to charities was carted over to the township's Large Item Dropoff. The First Aid shelled out $900 of its gross profit from the day to pay the carting fees, said squad President Mike Nikolis.

But still -- months later -- souvenirs of the sale still haunt the building. Everywhere the volunteers look, they were finding odd items squirreled away, presumably by somebody who promised to come pick it up later.

A wooden rubberband gun. A vintage voltage regulator. A plastic protractor, still in its packaging. The clutter was making everyone a little crazy, so on Thursday 15 volunteers gathered to do a thorough weeding at the First Aid building. They fanned out through the truck bays, meeting rooms and offices, digging out more weird stuff that could be traced to June 12, 2011.

Parting with the junk was not so easy, after all. Lourdes Alcaraz pronounced the old vacuum cleaner worth keeping, and wheeled it out of the pile. Sheng Chi Wu was persuaded by the squad's First Lt. Paul Fellingham to hang onto the used work gloves. Lisa Ching hesitated to throw out the faux poinsettia, since, you know, the holidays would soon be here.

I felt compelled to save the protractor from the rubbish pile and offered to take it home. Because one day my kids might need to draw perfect circles and then I'd have one, you see...

Mike Simpson October 09, 2011 at 03:35 PM
Where would we be without our dedicated First Responders??? They need every bit of support possible from EVERY resident AND business owner. How many of you ever stop to think that the EMT or the Fireman who responds to your house or business at 2am or 2pm in the middle of the work week are there because they care - NOT because they are paid. Why not stop by at their building on day and simply ask a simple question.... "How can I help you"......


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